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    Siege of Avalon lifted...

    Probably more interesting for the German speaking - since this game still has some active and great following/modding in Germany. (But it seems my DP login only works for the English DP forum) Anyway here a bit about the gitHub fork I did on the original deceased source: http://fixedbycode.blogspot.com/2019/03/siege-of-avalon-lifted.html now working with 10.3.1 😉
  2. Steffen Nyeland

    Siege of Avalon lifted...

    ...and part 3: https://fixedbycode.blogspot.com/2019/06/bringing-pox-cross-platform.html - with bits on FMX, inline variables and RTTI.
  3. For another 16 hours on https://www.packtpub.com/free-learning - as the free book of the day.
  4. On the Packt free learning offer, whether you can download or only read online. I think that has changed recently, having grabbed my free book almost daily for years. So I already owned this one, but most others I have can be downloaded PDF, epub or maybe mobi with code samples. And the ones I actually started reading I ended up buying as dead trees 😊 I would actually think that free learning sells more books, that otherwise would not have been sold. And we have more Delphi book than we have had I years. You don't get rich by writing a book, that should not be the reason for writing it in the first place anyway. You write because you want/have to.
  5. Steffen Nyeland

    Siege of Avalon lifted...

    ..just followed up by part 2: http://fixedbycode.blogspot.com/2019/06/cure-for-pox-found-in-avalon.html?m=1 - with a bit on reverse engineering 😊
  6. Steffen Nyeland

    Siege of Avalon lifted...

    So did I - until the GOG release of Diablo reminded me, and the graphics are better and the story on par, but I think there was too much story to read, before getting into action. But it apparently sold nicely in Germany, compared to its home in US. Does that mean that people in the US thinks reading is waste of time 😄 I already got positive feedback from people on the German fan/modding forum - and they are keen on getting things done with the code. Meanwhile I continue to remove 10.3.1 compiler warnings, and deleting units. One fun "feature" in the original code that the Delphi 4 compiler let slip through: interface function X: integer; implementation procedure X; begin Result := 4; end; ..if it compiles...