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  1. SwiftExpat

    IDE it's not working anymore

    Worth a try: SFC /ScanNow https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-server/administration/windows-commands/sfc
  2. SwiftExpat

    Change the order of loading??

    I will write a minimal example for myself, your answer above makes sense. I assume it looks something like this, where the list is ordered based on insert and never gets sorted. Should be easy enough to test. TDictionary<procedure, TList<TExpert>>
  3. SwiftExpat

    Change the order of loading??

    Have you experimented enough with this to understand is this just the load order on initial startup or does it also affect execution order?
  4. SwiftExpat

    @ mentions not working - has it ever?

    Thanks for testing, I will look at the post again, maybe the poster typed incorrectly.
  5. @Daniel -- just to test if this works Just checking to see if anyone else is or is not getting @ notifications? I receive notifications for quote and reactions, but did not receive when someone @ mentioned me. Has this ever worked?
  6. SwiftExpat

    Program credentials on Citrix

    The simplest is to create a standard user on your machine and then debug it.
  7. SwiftExpat

    Program credentials on Citrix

    What does not work on Citrix? Ultimately you have to hunt down where the access denied is and then avoid that. Could be file access, registry or API access.
  8. SwiftExpat

    Application Position & Size

    TFrame should have CurrentPPI. To me that frame should be using grid panel (aligned client) with 3 columns, nest a grid panel in the 2nd column to layout all those number / spin edits. Let the grid panel / alignment / align with margins do the work, the re-sizing gets a lot more natural after that.
  9. SwiftExpat

    Hiring-related question: Delphi + javascript ?

    The question is how long are you willing to wait for that learning to happen? Most projects bring in a large team for startup then thin down, that is why you are getting the stack of resumes which seem to be bad fits. The term "full stack" developer is around a lot, but for the last 15+ years the stack has been larger than most can learn, myself included. Try thinking of it in phases, start with a larger team then thin it down. Be warned, your dev's are going to want to jump ship as soon as the job does not fit the current market trend.
  10. SwiftExpat

    Application Position & Size

    Short answer, during form create a scale to dpi is done. If you create the controls after that method, you have to re-size them for dpi. Try Vcl.Controls.TControl.ScaleForPPI
  11. SwiftExpat

    Returning lists from Python to Delphi

    I can see you want to optimize this, but where is the real bottleneck that prevents you doing this in real time? What part is slow that is visible to the user? Post this code, some people might give you some optimizations. Always a minimal working sample to discuss will help you get better answers.
  12. SwiftExpat

    The Delphi 11.2 release thread

    Libray path for 32 bit was retained. All other platforms got reset to a default IDE install. Not the worst but...
  13. SwiftExpat

    The Delphi 11.2 release thread

    Did the same and had to re-install my GetIt packages. Default directory and using the ISO installer.
  14. SwiftExpat

    import generates divide by 0 error

    This will likely fix your error: https://github-wiki-see.page/m/Embarcadero/python4delphi/wiki/MaskFPUExceptions
  15. I am a systems administrator and with every upgrade there is always risk and someone's system becomes unusable. To avoid some grief here is a pre-check list of the basics from a system level to help put together a back out plan. 1. Full backup via system image As always, data loss is unacceptable and not being able to roll back is unacceptable. Take a system image. 2. Source files - Branch or Backup I plan to branch my projects for the first few days in 11.2 so I have a rollback. Anything that is not in source control should obviously get a snapshot via zip or backup software. 3. Registry export reg export HKCU\SOFTWARE\Embarcadero\BDS\22.0 Pre_11_2_BkUp.reg Always have a backup, and read the release notes / known issues before you upgrade. No need for good luck with this upgrade, you have a back-out plan !