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  1. Joe Sansalone

    For loop does NOT go to the max

    I see the benefit of For loop only evaluating once at initial.
  2. Joe Sansalone

    For loop does NOT go to the max

    I didn't realize For loop evaluates only once. Thanks for everyone's comments. I'll use a While loop.
  3. Hi, I've encountered something weird. Delphi 10.4.2 I loop through the items in a list. But also may add to that list in the loop. Thus, extend the loop iterations. var list: TStringList; for i := 0 to list.count-1 do begin // whatever processing list.append('another item'); end PROBLEM: the loop does not continue past the initial count. I'm guessing this is a BUG? Help, Joe
  4. Joe Sansalone

    Amazon Cloud (SNS service)

    Thanks! They look like Pawel's source code.
  5. Joe Sansalone

    Amazon Cloud (SNS service)

    Hi, A few years ago at CodeRage X, Pawel Glowacki extended the CloudAPI amazon service by coding up the Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS). He provided a link to his source code ... but all the links on the web are broken. Does anyone know where to find his source? Joe
  6. Hi, I'm starting to use AWS (Amazon Web Services) more and more. And I store a snapshot of the entire drive so I can quickly launch another computer instance with the same Windows, Interbase and Delphi created application. (in case I need to). I know that some database servers licenses are tied to the specific CPU or computer. Does this apply to Interbase too? Joe
  7. Joe Sansalone

    Has anyone tried running Delphi on Windows ARM?

    Chris thanks for posting your results. I also am looking to purchase an M1-based macbook to run Windows, primarily for Delphi. And to run/debug iOS/macOS apps on the same computer. Is it easy to have Delphi/Windows communicate with PAServer/macOS on the same machine? I'm guessing this is all done with Parallels.
  8. Joe Sansalone

    how to keep unit files opened in project??

    Great. Thanks!
  9. I remember older versions of the IDE keeping unit files open, the way I left them the last time I closed the IDE. Is there a way to SAVE which files will be opened the next time I open a project? It's very useful to have the same files open again automatically. Joe
  10. Joe Sansalone

    macbook pro M1, running Delphi IDE

    I'm also waiting for the M1X (or M2) macbook pro 16 inch. I suspect that the SSD problem is one of too little RAM - way too much swapping going on. This shouldn't be a problem on 16GB+ RAM systems. I'm hoping the next generation is ready in the next couple of months.
  11. Joe Sansalone

    macbook pro M1, running Delphi IDE

    Hoping that when it's ready Delphi IDE will run fine on Windows ARM, even if it's using a x86-to-ARM emulator.
  12. Joe Sansalone

    macbook pro M1, running Delphi IDE

    Hi, I'm looking to get a macbook pro (M1) and run Windows under Parallels to develop using the Delphi IDE. Not sure Windows/Parallels is fully ready for the M1 macbook. But I was wondering if any developer has tried this OR if there's anyone from Embarcadero looking into this ... to make sure it'll work. Any info would be appreciated. Joe