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  1. Thanks for the reference to graphviz - I will have a look on it. I am very satisfied with VTK, but it is very time-consuming to compile VTK with the C++Builder. Currently I am on version 7.1.1 - and it is always a pain to jump on a newer version. Using OpenCV in GetIt or via CMake would be a big step forward also for me.
  2. I fully agree with that. The fact that open source libraries are not easy to use with RAD Studio or C++Builder is one of the biggest limitations. Installing via GetIt is nice, but much more important from my point of view is a reasonable support of CMake. I think you get young programmers at school and in the universities - there you set yourself on a "favorite IDE". Without the ability to compile open source libraries, Embarcadero is out of the race when it comes to generating young talents who use RAD Studio. What a pity! I am using VTK with RAD Studio - the only reason for that is because I am bound to the IDE with old projects. It would be cool if we put together in this thread or wherever C++ libraries that can be "somehow" compiled with RAD Studio. In cooperation with Embarcadero we should bring the open source capability forward piece by piece. PS Okay, I'm dreaming 😉
  3. If I'm in a large project and I'm changing something in the project options, or I'm just changing the active tab then SORTA compilation is done by default. This compilation takes a few seconds and can be annoying - it is interrupting the workflow. But it can be disabled - so, that's okay for me 🙂
  4. oliwe

    Does C++ Builder have code completion?

    I can support David's statement. Code Completion works much better now in 10.4.2, not perfect but it is definitely usable. I had similar problems in my larger projects like you, Totte, for years. Would be very interesting to find out why it still doesn't work for you. I use bcc64 - can this make a difference? PS After the last sentence I set "Target Platforms" to Win 32-bit (bcc32c) in my open project. (I never compile for 32bit usually) Then I tested Code Completion - nothing, no result after 1 or 2 minutes. Also, changing the options did not change anything. Zero respond. Then I switched back to 64-bit - Code Completion was broken there also. Zero respond. I tried everything to make it work again - nothing helped. Panic. After a reboot and "I don't know what", Code Completion works under 64bit again - I won't try 32bit again. Is this perhaps a problem with the chosen target platform after all?
  5. I missed the Trigger options for SORTA Compile. After unchecking "Trigger when project options changes" TwineCompile behaves as i would like it.
  6. I use TwineCompile since a while and I am really happy with it. Most of the time it works quite well ... sometimes it freezes my IDE. But this is another topic ... My question here is: I am on RAD Studio 10.4.2, developing C++ projects. When I change the Build Configuration of a project e.g. from Debug to Release via the Projects Window then TwineCompile starts to compile the whole project immediately. I do not like this. I am not sure, but I think the behavior was different in 10.4.1? Can the direct compilation be disabled? I want to determine when to compile 🙂
  7. I used the online installer. AV program is not a problem. I have my installation now running - but Embarcadero should improve the installation process. This error has been known for some time, but so far it is unclear what the trigger is. See RSP-29385. I think this is very frustrating for new users in particular.
  8. As with 10.4.0 and 10.4.1, there may be various problems installing 10.4.2. In the old forum, which is now unfortunately offline, there was a thread in this regard. That's why I'm taking up this topic again - in order to gather proposals for solutions. There is also a bug report RSP-29385, https://quality.embarcadero.com/browse/RSP-29385 regarding these problems. Yesterday I installed 10.4.2 on two computers. On the workstation, the installation went smoothly. On my notebook (dual GPU system, 10.3.3 is there also installed) the installation failed. Reason: Missing bds.exe . Both are on the latest Windows 10 version. However by copying the bds.exe from the workstation installation to the directory \21.0\bin on the notebook I could also successfully complete the installation on the notebook.