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  1. pier

    Window hooking

    In case somebody is interested this is how I managed to nicely integrate matplotlib figures inside my delphi app. 1) the pythons script shows the plot with "plt.show(block=False)" 2) this is the code which executes the script and embeds the plot procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject); var plotwnd:HWND; begin PythonEngine1.ExecStrings( Synedit1.Lines ); plotwnd:=Findwindow(nil,'Figure 1'); if plotwnd<>0 then begin Windows.SetParent(plotwnd,(PageControl1.Pages[1] as TTabSheet).Handle); SetWindowLong(plotwnd, GWL_STYLE, GetWindowLong(Handle, GWL_STYLE) and not WS_BORDER and not WS_SIZEBOX and not WS_DLGFRAME ); showwindow(plotwnd,sw_showmaximized); setforegroundwindow(plotwnd); end; end; the plot is displayed inside a tabsheet which has an event handler to automatically resize the plot procedure TForm1.PlotResize(Sender: TObject); begin movewindow(plotwnd,0,0,(PageControl1.Pages[1] as TTabSheet).Width,(PageControl1.Pages[1] as TTabSheet).Height,True); end;
  2. pier

    Window hooking

    Thank you so much for your reply. I was aware of the possibility of using the SVG output of matplotlib (which I will use as an intermediate solution), however this is not what I am looking for. matplotlib was just an example of a more general type of approach I am pursuing, i.e. "embedding"/"controlling" graphical output of python applications in order to make it appear more integrated within a Delphi application. Anyhow thank you again for your time and suggestion.
  3. pier

    Window hooking

    Hi! Do you believe it is feasible to show some python graphics, say from matplotlib, and the "hook" the window and make it "live" inside a panel of a Delphi application? (when the panel moves/resizes the window moves/resizes with it)? If so is any code for doing this available? (if not I will write it) Thanks for any suggestion