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  1. I want to read files from documents folder on android in Delphi XE 10.4.2. Some code work very well in Delphi XE 10.3.3 on Android 10. Now show message Cannot open file "/storage/emulated/0/documents/Readme.txt". Permission denied. Code: WS:=JStringToString(TJManifest_permission.JavaClass.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE); PPS:=jstringtostring(TJManifest_permission.JavaClass.READ_PHONE_STATE); RS:=jstringtostring(TJManifest_permission.JavaClass.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE); PermissionsService.RequestPermissions([PPS,WS,RS],nil,nil); Open file in memo. Memo2.Lines.LoadFromFile(TPath.GetSharedDocumentsPath + PathDelim + 'Readme.txt' ,TEncoding.GetEncoding(1251));