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  1. Geoorge

    Transparent form on the server

    uses Vcl.OleAuto; implementation uses dwmapi; function CaptureDesktop: TGraphic; const CAPTUREBLT = $40000000; SM_XVIRTUALSCREEN = 76; SM_YVIRTUALSCREEN = 77; SM_CXVIRTUALSCREEN = 78; SM_CYVIRTUALSCREEN = 79; var nDesktopWidth, nDesktopHeight: Integer; tmpBmp: TBitmap; hwndDesktop: HWND; dcDesktop: HDC; begin Result := nil; { GetWindowRect(GetDesktopWindow) is completely wrong. It will intentionally return only the rectangle of the primary monotor. See MSDN. } { Cannot handle dpi virtualization //Get the rect of the entire desktop; not just the primary monitor ZeroMemory(@desktopRect, SizeOf(desktopRect)); for i := 0 to Screen.MonitorCount-1 do begin desktopRect.Top := Min(desktopRect.Top, Screen.Monitors[i].Top); desktopRect.Bottom := Max(desktopRect.Bottom, Screen.Monitors[i].Top + Screen.Monitors[i].Height); desktopRect.Left := Min(desktopRect.Left, Screen.Monitors[i].Left); desktopRect.Right := Max(desktopRect.Right, Screen.Monitors[i].Left + Screen.Monitors[i].Width); end; //Get the size of the entire desktop nDesktopWidth := (desktopRect.Right - desktopRect.Left); nDesktopHeight := (desktopRect.Bottom - desktopRect.Top); } //Also doesn't handle dpi virtualization; but is shorter and unioning rects nDesktopWidth := GetSystemMetrics(SM_CXVIRTUALSCREEN); nDesktopHeight := GetSystemMetrics(SM_CYVIRTUALSCREEN); tmpBmp:= TBitmap.Create; try tmpBmp.Width := nDesktopWidth; tmpBmp.Height := nDesktopHeight; //dcDesktop := GetDC(0); // hwndDesktop := GetDesktopWindow; dcDesktop := GetDC(hwndDesktop); //GetWindowDC(0) returns the DC of the primary monitor (not what we want) if dcDesktop = 0 then Exit; try if not BitBlt(tmpBmp.Canvas.Handle, 0, 0, nDesktopWidth, nDesktopHeight, dcDesktop, 0, 0, SRCCOPY or CAPTUREBLT) then Exit; finally ReleaseDC(0, dcDesktop); end; except tmpBmp.Free; raise; end; // CaptureScreenShot(GetDesktopWindow, Image, false); Result := tmpBmp; end; procedure ScreenShot(DestBitmap: TBitmap); var DC: HDC; begin DC:=GetDC(GetDesktopWindow); try DestBitmap.Width:=GetDeviceCaps(DC, HORZRES); DestBitmap.Height:=GetDeviceCaps(DC, VERTRES); BitBlt(DestBitmap.Canvas.Handle,0,0,DestBitmap.Width,DestBitmap.Height,DC,0,0,SRCCOPY); finally ReleaseDC(GetDesktopWindow, DC); end; end; procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject); var desktop: TGraphic; fDisable: BOOL; begin { Capture a screenshot without this window showing } //Disable DWM transactions so the window hides immediately if DwmApi.DwmCompositionEnabled then begin fDisable := True; OleCheck(DwmSetWindowAttribute(Self.Handle, DWMWA_TRANSITIONS_FORCEDISABLED, @fDisable, sizeof(fDisable))); end; try //Hide the window Self.Hide; try //Capture the desktop desktop := CaptureDesktop; finally //Re-show our window Self.Show; end; finally //Restore animation transitions if DwmApi.DwmCompositionEnabled then begin fDisable := False; DwmSetWindowAttribute(Self.Handle, DWMWA_TRANSITIONS_FORCEDISABLED, @fDisable, sizeof(fDisable)); end; end; //Save the screenshot somewhere desktop.SaveToFile('c:\Test.bmp'); end; I only managed to get to that part, but the form flashes, and it cannot.
  2. Geoorge

    Transparent form on the server

    Friend, OpenSource is not mine, and from existing projects based on the code of allakore remote.
  3. Geoorge

    Transparent form on the server

    No friend, I want to create a project in a simple way, similar to Teamviewer, but with personalized options. I am using an OpenSource for remote access.
  4. Geoorge

    Transparent form on the server

    Friend, the part of the loading that I was able to do, the same problem and making a form appear normal on the client and on the server become transparent . I looked for something about Aero / Alphablend and PrintWindow, but I was unsuccessful
  5. Geoorge

    Transparent form on the server

    The goal was to make an app similar to Teamviewer, only with the option of showing a form to the client showing that the technician is confirming his machine. I'm using to make this project an Open Source
  6. Good night, I tried some ways here, but I was not successful, I am working in remote access, and I wanted that while I work on my client's machine, a form appears with loading and tals and for me it is transparent to be able to make the settings . Could someone give me a light on the part of appearing for him, and not for me? I am grateful.