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  1. We are glad to introduce new multiplatform semi-transparent FM Style "Techno Line Light" https://www.delphistyles.com/fmx/TechnoLineLight.html
  2. DelphiStyles

    New FM Style for multimedia applications just released!

    There is no simple way, unfortunately. Also other thing - we provide style templates for Bitmap Style Designer. Style template is not depends from FM format and you can use them from XE5 for desktop platforms, for example. BitmapStyleDesigner has a converter tool, which includes FM format + specific of each plaform. All you need to do - open template in BitmapStyleDesigner from specific IDE (XE5, ... Seattle, ... Rio) and save it as FM *.style (in actual format of style objects). About your manual style - there are no guarantees that the style will works correctly in the new IDE if in FM was a changes in object structures.
  3. DelphiStyles

    New FM Style for multimedia applications just released!

    Styles has a platform specific and structure, because Embarcadero decided that style must follows platform guideline in most part + we need this to prevent desktop UI on mobile devices, for example (it will looks ugly). This is why we have multiview solution for application today and you can adjust form for each platform. Vector styles are in the past and most of controls properties are not supported with them. It's hard to mimic original graphic with vector objects + big count of these objects is not good for performance.
  4. DelphiStyles

    New FM Style for multimedia applications just released!

    Thank you for comments! FM Styles can includes tint objects only for buttons and panels. At this moment each our style has "tintedbutton" style for all platforms (you see them on macOS screenshot, for example). If you want, we can add tint for toolbar and ...toolbutton styles + we can made color adaptation to your colors (custom design service). We provide styles as collection of style templates for each platform - you can export pngs from template and update them + set you colors of fonts. Also you can use TForm.Fill property to adjust background as you want - color, gradient, custom bitmap. To change text color in controls you must disable FontColor in TControl.StyleSettings and set your font color in TControl.TextSettings.
  5. We are glad to introduce new multiplatform FM Style "Tangaroa Green" https://www.delphistyles.com/fmx/TangaroaGreen.html
  6. We are glad to introduce new multiplatform FM Style "Lucky Point": https://www.delphistyles.com/fmx/LuckyPoint.html Regards, DelphiStyles
  7. New Multiplatform FM Style "Allports" just released! https://www.delphistyles.com/fmx/Allports.html
  8. We are glad to introduce new multiplatform FM Style "Bunker Gray": https://www.delphistyles.com/fmx/BunkerGray.html It looks as dark variant of latest "Sky Blue" FM style and comming soon VCL variants of these 2 styles!
  9. We are glad to introduce new Multiplatform FM Style "Sky Blue": https://www.delphistyles.com/fmx/SkyBlue.html
  10. Special offer from DelphiStyles.com - Order Life Time Subscriptions now and Save Up 20%! More info at: http://www.delphistyles.com
  11. We are glad to announce that FM UI Plus and special patch installer for macOS applications are ready to use with RAD Studio 10.3 Rio! Also, of course, you can use VCL Styles and FM Style Templates with new version without any problems! https://www.delphistyles.com
  12. DelphiStyles

    Third-party controls, which have support of VCL Styles

    Ok, we added - (for controls, which have LookAndFeel property)
  13. We collected most of popular controls, which has a support of VCL Styles. All products was tested with our styles and default styles. We hope that this information will be very helpful in your choise... https://www.delphistyles.com/vcl/tlist.html This page shows that many components from different vendors can be in the same custom style in your application! Regards, DelphiStyles
  14. Fellow Delphi Developers! You can find a lot of modern VCL and FM styles here: https://www.delphistyles.com Regards, DelphiStyles