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  1. zsleo

    RDP and RD Web deployment of Delphi VCL apps

    No need to apologise. That is my problem. My thought was to give the user a feature whereby they could see and select from a list of opened windows.
  2. zsleo

    RDP and RD Web deployment of Delphi VCL apps

    Thank you! I will definitely try this
  3. zsleo

    RDP and RD Web deployment of Delphi VCL apps

    No. I want to know how to populate the window list as the RD Web environment. i.e in the same area as the red box
  4. I am using Delphi 11.1 Enterprise. I have an app that is now very commonly deployed and accessed though Windows RD Web. Often one of my forms “disappears” behind another for and the use thinks my application has hung because they cannot take control of the form that is displayed uppermost. There is a feature used by Microsoft to display the apps and sometime forms for each session as shown in the red box in Picture_1.png. The form types in my app are both modal and non-modal. Thanks in advance for your assistance
  5. zsleo

    Active Directory unlock a user

    Thank you. I looked and it seems to put me on the correct track to solve my problem.
  6. zsleo

    Debugger Exception Notification

    Thank you so much!
  7. Can someone please advise how to turn this popup off. TIA
  8. I have tried ADSI and a number of other APIs and I am successfully retrieving user credential but can find how to change the ADS user to unlock a user. Does anyone direct me how to or know where to find Delphi code to unlock an Active Directory user account. I could only retrieve status but not find a method to update the ADS record. I am using the ADSI API. Here is and extract of the code: procedure TForm1.btn3Click(Sender: TObject); var lv_User: TADSIUserInfo; lv_Err: string; lv_P: TPassword; begin lbl1.Caption := ''; if ads1.GetUser(gv_Domain, kbmtblUsersUserName.AsString, lv_User, lv_Err) then begin chk1.Checked := lv_User.LockedOut; (... other code to display AD User Details...) end else lbl1.Caption := 'User not found'; end; TIA
  9. Thank you all so much! I forgot all about the tracing functionality! I knew what the error log was telling me, I just could not find where it was falling over. I will report the issue to the developer of the library suite I am using. Thanks again! Problem solved...
  10. Has anyone experienced and or resolved the following issue? My app is a Delphi 10.4.2 Intraweb/MS SQL/FireDAC app. I am moving an IW apps into Azure and I am using the Azure load balancer to load balance across two Azure servers. This application is operating in our production environment in a data center without issue. I am attempting to deployed it on two Azure server under IIS on Win Server 2019. I connect to and log in successfully from any computer on our private network. From the public internet I connect to the IW app and the get the login screen. I enter the log in credentials and on clicking log in I get my "please wait" for a second or so and it never progresses past the log in screen. My IW app generates the following error: [FireDAC][Phys][ODBC][Microsoft] [SQL Server]String or binary data would be truncated. I then have removed one server from the Azure load balancer and there is a single MS SQL Server instance that the app is connected to and the problem persists. Help please. TIA