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  1. ULIK

    Inspect variables during debug

    That's because testvar is of type ITest and not TTest that contains the member fields.
  2. Hi, Delphi XE11.1 on a current Windows 10 system: I have a bunch of problems when moving a maximized windows between monitors of different scales: - regular size changes - depending on border style setting, application behaves different Steps to reproduce: - compile attached application perMonitorV2 aware - set up multiple monitors: * M1 100% 2560x1440 (primary) * M2 200% 3840 x 2160 * M1 left of M2 1. problem: - run app on M1 - maximize window - send it to second monitor using WIN + Shift + Arrow right - send it back to first monitor - change back maximized state --> size of regular window has changed 2. problem - modify the app and remove comments to set the BorderStyles: if cbToggleFullscreen.Checked then begin BorderStyle := bsNone; WindowState := wsMaximized; end else begin WindowState := wsNormal; BorderStyle := bsSizeable; end; - again run on M1 - click check box (to maximize and set the border style) - send it to second monitor using WIN + Shift + Arrow right --> this does not work the first time and you have to do it again to move the window to second screen! ???? - send it to second monitor using WIN + Shift + Arrow right (second time) --> now the app is on second screen but no longer maximized 3. Problem (related to second) - start app from problem (2) say on M2 - click check box to maximize and change the border style - change DPI scaling for M2 - click check box again to get normal sized window: size has changed! Problem 3 seems to depend on BorderStyle change. If I test it with original app, the size persists. Can someone confirm that problems? And is there a solution for it, especially for the second/third? Thank you, Uli TestDPIFullscreen.zip
  3. Well, I hope, that next release will improve this ...
  4. Well, I'm not sure if anyone on Embarcadero has really tested the IDE running on a system with multiple monitors and different DPI scaling, especially, if the primary monitor has a different scaling then 96 DPI. There are so many problems (fonts do not scale or scale too large, IDE toolbars getting too large or moving their position, ...) It can be a hard job (I'm currently trying to make our own application to be per monitor aware and I'm still not finished after 4 weeks) but if they promote the IDE to be support High DPI, it should work at least a little bit better.
  5. ULIK

    1D cutting stock problem

    I doubt that there is an library available for Delphi that will solve your problem out of the box. But as you already found, you can use Linear Programming for this but you still have to adjust the evaluation method for your own needs. Here are some libraries I found on the fly: https://www.optimalon.com/linear_programming_library.htm https://www.alglib.net/linear-programming/
  6. I'm not sure, if this is related to new MMX15.1 but I just noted, that the hint window for methods on explorer window truncates the hint:
  7. ULIK

    MMX V15.1 released

    Just installed 15.1.1: loading time on IDE startup is fast again! Thank you very much for fixing this!
  8. ULIK

    MMX V15.1 released

    I'm sorry, I had to give up on MMX 15.1. Those heavy scans while starting the IDE makes it too hard to work with. I'm not sure about the cache as starting the IDE again the next day I noticed again such heavy loads as well as on further restarts of IDE. Unfortunately the current project I'm working on depends on a lot of external component packages as well as requires a lot of restarts of IDE over the day. So for now I back on 15.0.49 and everything is fine again.
  9. ULIK

    MMX V15.1 released

    Thank you for explaining! As the packages do not change that often, I see no problem for me.
  10. ULIK

    MMX V15.1 released

    Hello Uwe, thank you for that major update. I noticed one thing where I do not know, if it is related to the new MMX build or something else: - today IDE (11.1) was not yet started - I installed the update to MMX 15.1 - Then started the IDE - Now I noticed a massive slow down when loading all the IDE packages (especially DevExpress) and task manager shows a very heavy load on BDS.exe - It completed after some time (2-3 minutes) - I closed the IDE - a new start now loads much faster (like it was the days before) It is the first time that I have seen this so could this be related to new build (some preprocessing maybe?)
  11. ULIK

    Rounded polygon

    Have you already tried it with a combination of splines? They would touch the vertices.
  12. ULIK

    New bug with patch 1 for 11.1

    Hmm, I can't reproduce this here for 'Save All'. Please try it on a fresh VCL or FMX application.
  13. ULIK

    New bug with patch 1 for 11.1

    This bug was already there at least on 11.1: https://quality.embarcadero.com/browse/RSP-38001
  14. Davide, it's just a vague guess: you use a dark color scheme on IDE. Do you see the same problems also when using the light default scheme?
  15. ULIK

    IDE windows change font size

    Done: https://quality.embarcadero.com/browse/RSP-37770