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  1. MSiipola

    Problem with TBGrid connected to SQLite

    Thanks aehimself! Your suggestion solved the problem.
  2. MSiipola

    Problem with TBGrid connected to SQLite

    Here are some screen dumps on what happens. The first images shows the Object inspector when I have selected first column in object DBGrid. The second image shows the grid with data in the development GUI. The third images shows application during runtime. As you can see the name/header of the first column is not the same during development and runtime. During runtime it shows the database field name ('FNAME'). During development ('Medlemsnr').
  3. MSiipola

    Problem with TBGrid connected to SQLite

    I'm using Embarcadero® Delphi 10.3 Version (update 3). I have a sqlite db connected to a TBGrid via TFDConnection, TDataSource and TFDTable. Connection and populating the grid is done in runtime. Example: begin CloseAllDB(); Journal_DBGrid.Visible := false; DBGrid.Visible := true; NamnTabell.Open(); DBSource.DataSet := NamnTabell; end; The data source (DBSource) is connected to different db's during execution, selected with different button. The problem is with the Caption of columns for the DBGrid object in the example. I have also an other grid 'Journal_DBGrid' which has it own TDataSource and db-table, but it has not the problem I'm describing below. I have opened and activated all components in order do be able to see the result during development. I can change the caption for different fields, and it displays correctly in the grid, but during runtime the column header shows the db fieldname and not the caption I want. Any ideas where the problem is?