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  1. Esteban Pacheco

    Changes in Parallel Library

    Windows -> OTL Cross-platform -> ??? I dont think OTL in cross-platform mode is a possibility in the near short-mid future, so PPL must do for any FMX development. Hopefully they will keep improving it, cause we dont have a choice unless we want to jump into using our own implementations and I dont trust myself with that. 🙂
  2. Esteban Pacheco

    Delphi RTL speed up and reliability

    Hi Roberto, Thank you for your efforts. Where did you "released" this library? github? the url provided doesnt have links to the library.
  3. Esteban Pacheco

    10.3 vers 10.2 Linux

    Well, to the original posters favor. This is, as you mentioned, a public forum. It is not a payed support line. If he wants to describe his problem and troubleshooting process you are in complete freedom to ignore it if it is irrelevant to you. If you are glued to this forum, have notifications for every post and keep track of its hourly activity that is your doing. "Consume bandwith?" "that means nothing to us?" who is us? is there some payed or volunteered group that has the obligation of responding to posts on this forum? if that is the case then I apologize and it is good to know, otherwise just move on and let the poster go crazy if he wants to.
  4. Esteban Pacheco


    I lived in Vietnam and China for a while and "these" people are doing circles around us now. Our lack of understanding of their ways and/or effort to attempt to do it, is part of the reason why the future is on their side.
  5. Esteban Pacheco


    Wow interesting. Thank you for the link and thanks to google for offering translations.
  6. Esteban Pacheco

    Wow, first time using repeat ... until

    In functions "Exit(Boolean)" is the best. My goto statement to match a "return" on C# and exit quickly on condition.
  7. The next version of the RemObjects SDK will add support for the great Grijjy (https://github.com/grijjy/GrijjyFoundation) foundation classes on their SUPERTCP, SUPERHTTP and HTTP channels! This could imply big perfomance improvements, high output, Google protocol buffers and more. Great news!