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  1. I'm upgrading to 10.3 hopefully this will cure this problem, then it's onto the next problem
  2. OK, downloaded and installed the latest, v8.66 But I'm still getting the same issues as above, CBXE3 I get unresolved Externals and CB102 I get Can't Load Package So any ideas ?
  3. I downloaded the latest on the Overbyte website v8.58 Is that not the latest ?
  4. I can build and install IcsCommonCBXE3Design.bpl. So this means RadStudio can see the directory OK. But I can't build either IcsVclCBXE3Design.bpl or IcsFmxCBXE3Design.bpl, I get the unresolved externals above.
  5. Thank you for the reply. That was the package I was installing. Why has the location of the output files changes from 8.26 ? I've added this path into the System Variables, anywhere else I need to look ?
  6. If I try to compile the XE3 packages, I get these Unresolved External Errors If I build CB102InstallVclFmx then it builds fine, but I can't install it, I get this error I have added the path to the System Variables, that didn't help. Any clues as to what to try next ? I'm upgrading from v8.26 because I am trying to write a ssl client that connects to AWS Thanks