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  1. Viji

    language change for edit box

    Hi, I have a feature in my application, where based on the language selected in combo box the text entered in edit box should change. If user selects russian, then the text entered in text box should be russian, even though user types in english Is it possible with rad studio 10.2. Does EditBox have any language property to do this
  2. Viji

    Modified property in vcl Xe builder

    File type used is TMemIniFile, "Modified" property is not available for C++ Xe builder. Is there some similar property or function to check if a TMemIniFile is modified in C++ Xe Builder?
  3. Hi, I need to check if a file is modified. In Rad studio 10.2 there is "Modified" property in TMemnIniFile. This property is not there in Xe buidler. Do we have any similar property in Xe Builder