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  1. HalfBlindCoder

    Build managed dll in Delphi

    Thank you sir, I misunderstand the topic. Thank you for correcting me.
  2. HalfBlindCoder

    Build managed dll in Delphi

    Though I am very much new in Delphi development but somehow i managed to use Delphi dll inside .net win forms application using this library. https://github.com/3F/DllExport
  3. I am new to Delphi. Presently learning error handling. I want to know what is the best way to handle error and exception in Console app a s well as VCL. Thank you.
  4. I am very new in Delphi vcl development. My question might be very armature type but I need your help. Is there any way to install Delphi 10.4 package into Delphi 10.3?