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  1. Follow-up Solution - Well, after continuing to try different things... Just changing the "Host name:" in the "Connection Profile Manager" got me past the deploy error. "Host name" changed from: MacBook-Pro = This was successful when "Test Connection" button pressed. Unsuccessful at actual deploy to device. "Host name" changed to: = This was successful when "Test Connection" button pressed. Successful at actual deploy to device. It does not seem like much, but such a simple change was only discovered after hours of searching and trial and error. So sorry. Thank you.
  2. Hello, I am wondering if anyone has guidance on deploying cross-platform application to Mac and iPhone connected to Mac... I have Delphi 10.4.2 in Windows 10 connected Mac (MacOS 11.2.2) over eathernet running PAServer Pressing the "Test Connection" button in "Connection Profile Manager" always gives me "Connection to 'MacBook-Pro' on port 64211 succeeded" message. I can get all the SDK's (iOS 14.4, iOS Simulator 14.4, MacOS 11.1, 20.2) from the the Mac just fine to compile, so I think the connection is valid. Unfortunately, whenever IDE buttons "Run" or "Run without debugging" are pressed in the Delphi (any build configuration or Apple target and configuration), I cannot get past the deployment section... The error returned is: [PAClient Error] Error: E0003 Connection to 'MacBook-Pro' on port 64211 failed [PAClient Error] Error: E0003 Please make sure that 'Platform Assistant Server' is running on the host machine and is configured to use port 64211 I have searched forums and all the items of the pop-up error solutions page that displays after failure attempts, but I cannot find solution... Before I consume one of my Embarcadero support tickets I was hoping someone here might have suggestions or point me in the right direction for looking for solution. Thank you.