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  1. Hello, I have an FMX Android application built from Delphi 10.4 update 2 that uses permissions. The permission code works fine in this version of Delphi (I did my own permissions code then switched to GetIt Package Manager acquired "MobilePermissions Component" since it was less confusing code and easily maintained between Delphi versions. Both permissions coding methods run successfully). With no changes, running the same application built with 11.0, the request for Android permissions results in an error message "Java type Jcontent_ContextCompat could not be found" on the phone. The phone is Android version 8.0.0 (Oreo) which should be within the range of supported Delphi 11.0 android versions. I am just wondering if anyone might have a quick "oh do this to fix that" or if you have a suggestion on where to start a debug adventure? Just a few words to point me in the right direction would be appreciated. Thank you. Regards, Todd just a few permissions are involved... With MobilePermissions1 Do Begin Dangerous.AccessCoarseLocation := True; Dangerous.AccessFineLocation := True; Standard.BluetoothAdmin := True; Standard.Bluetooth := True; Apply; End; The sample application included with GetIt Package Manager acquired "MobilePermissions Component" yielded the same error message on the phone when built with Delphi 11.0 Professional with Mobile.
  2. Follow-up Solution - Well, after continuing to try different things... Just changing the "Host name:" in the "Connection Profile Manager" got me past the deploy error. "Host name" changed from: MacBook-Pro = This was successful when "Test Connection" button pressed. Unsuccessful at actual deploy to device. "Host name" changed to: = This was successful when "Test Connection" button pressed. Successful at actual deploy to device. It does not seem like much, but such a simple change was only discovered after hours of searching and trial and error. So sorry. Thank you.
  3. Hello, I am wondering if anyone has guidance on deploying cross-platform application to Mac and iPhone connected to Mac... I have Delphi 10.4.2 in Windows 10 connected Mac (MacOS 11.2.2) over eathernet running PAServer Pressing the "Test Connection" button in "Connection Profile Manager" always gives me "Connection to 'MacBook-Pro' on port 64211 succeeded" message. I can get all the SDK's (iOS 14.4, iOS Simulator 14.4, MacOS 11.1, 20.2) from the the Mac just fine to compile, so I think the connection is valid. Unfortunately, whenever IDE buttons "Run" or "Run without debugging" are pressed in the Delphi (any build configuration or Apple target and configuration), I cannot get past the deployment section... The error returned is: [PAClient Error] Error: E0003 Connection to 'MacBook-Pro' on port 64211 failed [PAClient Error] Error: E0003 Please make sure that 'Platform Assistant Server' is running on the host machine and is configured to use port 64211 I have searched forums and all the items of the pop-up error solutions page that displays after failure attempts, but I cannot find solution... Before I consume one of my Embarcadero support tickets I was hoping someone here might have suggestions or point me in the right direction for looking for solution. Thank you.