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  1. Dinar

    What "Project analyzers" out there.

    For this purpose, you can use the standard search with the appropriate parameters. Alternatively, you can use the Grep Search included with the GExperts plugin to take advantage of the finer tuning and search the map file as well
  2. Dinar

    What "Project analyzers" out there.

    Delphi Unit Dependency Scanner or one of the fork of this project will help answer this question
  3. Dinar

    When will we have an updated Delphi roadmap?

    At one of the recently held webinars, it was mentioned that the roadmap will most likely appear in late August - early September
  4. I wrote a small script ConvertToUTF8.sh to convert all * .pas and * .dpr files from ANSI to UTF-8, which writes the results of its work to a file (conversion is performed for all files inside the current folder and its subdirectories). You can first run FindNotUTF8.sh to find all files in a non-UTF-8 encoding (the results of the script are also output to a file).
  5. Dinar

    Ctrl Tab Ide Plugin

    It would be nice to have that opportunity too. Thank you very much for the work done!
  6. For the complete removal of Rad Studio 10.4 the next time you can use this instruction. In this case, following the steps described in it, you can check if there are still any traces of Rad Studio 10.4 left after the standard removal. Also verify that you have no Rad Studio 21.0 directories in your Environment System Variables "Path"
  7. Dinar

    Ctrl Tab Ide Plugin

    Thank you for the changes. The behavior of the plugin if the Welcome Page is open and its appearance can also be seen in Visual Studio Code. Delphictrltab Suggestions.mp4
  8. Dinar

    Ctrl Tab Ide Plugin

    Works great in Delphi 10.4 Sydney. Thanks! I have several suggestions for the development of the project in the future: When you quickly press Ctrl + Tab, the window is displayed for a moment, but switching to the last used unit does not occur. If the Welcome Page is open, it does not appear in the list of open modules, but switching to it occurs when iterating through all the units via Ctrl + Tab. Add change support the size of this window or automatically set it to size when displayed. Optimize the used space a bit, for example like this:
  9. When there are plugin sources or compatibility with the development environment is solved by several changes in the registry or source (settings) files, you can still try to fix it (KSVC in this case). Unfortunately, all my attempts to make Parnassus Bookmarks and Navigator work from 10.3 to 10.4 did not to success .. I'm so used to Parnassus Bookmarks that without this plugin I feel discomfort when working in the IDE (I also tried the analogues from GExperts and CnPack, as did the built-in solution)
  10. In fact, almost 3 weeks have passed
  11. Dinar

    Your RAD Studio 10.4 Sydney issues

    You can try to restore the settings from the backup according to these instructions. Backups are automatically created by the Migration Tool before the current configuration settings are overwritten in the following cases: Importing Settings from a Migration File Migrating Settings to a Newer Product Version Restoring Settings from Backup
  12. Dinar

    Your RAD Studio 10.4 Sydney issues

    How to import alternative themes 10.4.0_Themes.idesettings
  13. Dinar

    Problem downloading GExperts source

    Yes, that’s also possible 🙂
  14. Dinar

    Problem downloading GExperts source

    @dummzeuch, perhaps one more improvement can be made: creating the installer for only a specific version of the application, depending on the parameters passed to MakeInstallers.cmd (the modified file in the attachment) And then, it will be possible to create an installer, for example, only for Rad Studio 10.4 with the following command: MakeInstallers.cmd RS104 RS10.4
  15. Dinar

    10.4 how to hide project window?

    As far as I understand, you have disabled themes in Rad Studio 10.4? This may be the source of your problem, as described in the @Dalija Prasnikarcomment?