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  1. Perhaps the answer to this question on stackoverflow or the information from the article "Selective Debugging" will help you
  2. Dinar

    Search -> Go to Lne Number dialog

    GExperts Goto dialog in from the current sources (2019-10-13) works fine now. Thank you for the bug fixing, Thomas!
  3. Information about patches and hotfixes can be found in this article: RAD Studio, Delphi and C++Builder 10.3.2: List of Patches
  4. Dinar

    Search -> Go to Lne Number dialog

    I created ticket in SourceForge: Invalid row selection when trying to go to the sections in the plugin Go to
  5. Dinar

    Search -> Go to Lne Number dialog

    Hello, Thomas. Thank you very much for your contribution to the development and support of GExperts. I noticed that the standard dialog for Go to Line number inside the IDE works correctly with sections: uses, interface, implementation in units where there are comments in Russian language, and a similar dialog in GExperts when trying to go to these sections goes to the wrong line. I can put an example on SourceForge and attach the number of this task here, if necessary
  6. Dinar

    I'm looking for these menus in the IDE

    @Attila Kovacs Please provide a link to a website where we can find your plugins ) Judging by your activity in the Delphi developer community and the development of GExperts, it would be interesting to get acquainted with them
  7. You can find similar functionality in CnPack Enable wizard IDE Main Form Enhancements in CnPack -> Options -> Advanced And then enable this setting in this priority: 01. CnPack Options.png 02. IDE Enhancements Wizard.png 03. Lock IDE Tollbars to Disable Drag.png 04. Lock Toolbars.png Not sure, but maybe CnPack's solutions Lock all toolbars, including MMX and CnPack Procedure List, while Lynatan plugin Lock only Standard IDE Toolbar
  8. Try to install the Lock Toolbar expert. Customize toolbar similar to your preference (look like the attached "delphi_before.jpg"). Then right-click on toolbar and choose "Lock Toolbar". Most likely, this should help ))
  9. Did you try -cleanregistryide command line switch option? Also you may read this article: Reset Rad Studio settings without uninstalling it. If not help, you may try to totally uninstall Rad Studio according information, described in attached file (But remember that this instruction was write for previous version Rad Studio, in your case the version number must be 20.0 instead of 19.0) manual_uninstall_of_rad_studio_delphi_c__builder_10.2_-_embarcadero_community.mht
  10. Dinar

    Working Find Unit...

    Did you try RFindUnit plugin from RfRezino? It works as it should and does not cause errors)
  11. I am not good at writing and debugging experts, so I could be quite wrong in this question .. Nevertheless, I think that it is possible to function GetPackageName(Index: Integer): string; or function GetPackage(Index: Integer): IOTAPackageInfo; suit you. In any case, you can familiarize yourself with them in more detail on the website: Browsing Package Information
  12. First of all read information in this pages: Installation Notes and Installation
  13. Dinar

    Shortcut clashes

    You can find the default keyboard shortcuts in the corresponding section of the documentation. And to search for registered hotkeys by other plugins use Delphi Shortcut Finder. If the desired shortcut was not found in "Known Shortcuts", try searching for it in the "Search Registered Shortcuts" section. In the "Search Registered Shortcuts" section, you can "Export Known Hotkeys" to a CSV or HTML file, or use the "Keyboard Shortcuts" extension from GExperts to search for conflicting keyboard shortcuts.
  14. The most important thing for me is the tasks performed by the end of the reporting period and the lack of hints and warnings in my modules. I now have no opportunity to correct this situation in all projects (consists of 6128279 total lines), when our team consists of more than 30 developers and every day there are fixing dozens of commits to the repository. This should be the basis of the corporate code development culture, but unfortunately we have not yet come to this point.
  15. Rad Studio 10.3.2 Configuration: Debug Platform: Win32 Build Project group with 6 128 279 Total Lines. Without IDE Fix Pack: 5m 4s With IDE Fix Pack: 2m 28s