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  1. Rinzwind

    The future of Delphi

    If one is an expert in a certain area, go help FreePascal/Lazarus because you know for years now you don't see and as such can't expect much new from Delphi anymore. Heck, TMS web uses their pas2js translator... you can go and help get the Lazarus IDE finally a stable docked view and low level experts can improve their debugger 😉
  2. Rinzwind

    Internationalizing Applications

    That is worrying. Remove a feature without offering a replacement. Somehow Embarcadero couldn't manage to create a stable and usable translation tool all these years? Even more worrying. While one determined man can create a decent tool as shown here. Did I say it is worrying? Then again, we can't even assign shortcuts to external tools. We can't hilite all occurrences of the selected word. We.. o enough ramblings already. Anyway, one industry standard seems to be GetText po files. IDE integration would be nice. Ha...
  3. Delphi is best for native Windows development. IMHO way prettier, faster and and easier code than anything C++&Qt. I fail to understand why they never made the VCL truly cross platform (as far as possible). I do hope they are finally looking into HTML-lite type of controls for applications that want a more modern bling bling interface while still remaining relatively light. I believe a partnership with Sciter would be wise. That owner is a smart guy and looking for investors . But seems Delphi improvements and additions are very minor indeed and very unwilling to create a new fresh customer base. Very belated hi-dpi ide support? 10 years ago that would be worth mentioning.. Something Lazarus already had working quite well. I hope they implemented it practically. MS did have its part too in trying to kill it. MS offerings for native GUI design are a mess, way over-engineered and joke at the same time so Delphi still could win some people over if it hurry's.
  4. Was playing with IdSSLIOHandlerSocketOpenSSL on D11. Seems a 32-bit Windows release lacks the Indy DLL's? Got exception "could not load ssl library" while it works for a 64 bit release.
  5. Rinzwind

    C++ Code Insight in 10.4.2

    How can they release a product where a main feature just isn't working. I was utterly surprised finding that out in the community edition. Just seems to mean noone except a few old customers is using it? Just a plain empty vcl project won't work except when you switch to the classic compiler. And it seems in 11 it is still not working and super slow at that. What are they thinking?
  6. Rinzwind

    Add Method dialog layout in Delphi 11 Alexandria

    The same poster has problems with the Delphi 11 font size, so probably plays with individual settings in "ease of access" or whatever instead of only increasing the scale. If complaining it would be helpful to add the specifics. Anyway, Windows is known not to handle this always nicely and depends way too much on developers involvement. I suggest to depend only on the scale factor (which I have @125% for a 4k screen)... if you don't want too much frustration. anyway, with or without spacing, that dialog is crowded 😉
  7. Rinzwind

    code completion?

    I thought let's try out C++ Builder for fun. Downloaded Community edition, installed, created empty VCL application, code... and find out code completion/insight is not working at all. When hovering over a variable it says 'bla bla is being indexed' forever. When I change the compiler to classic it works again. Anyone else? Seems like a huge hindrance? Anyone where everything is working fine? The structure viewer is also missing things like buttons... which are there in Delphi.