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  1. I would use "Exit;". Having nearly same needs and have a created a tObject for managing a tDictionary<string, __myrecord> to manage everything ... very fast IMO. Be sure to use "MonitorEnter" and MonitorExit if this can be used in multithreaded applications like function tmyComponent.getvaluerecord(vName: string; const vDefaultValue: variant): __MyRecord; var vValue:__MyRecord; begin if MonitorEnter(fDATA, fMonitorTimeout) then begin try vname:=trim(lowercase(vname)); if fData.TryGetValue(vname, result)=false then begin // we don't have that key in dictionary ... return default value ... or create a new entry etc.. result.vwert:=vDefaultValue; result.isObject:=false; result.isFile:=false; result.doFreeObject:=false; result.vcomponent:=nil; result.vname:=''; result.vdtstamp:=0; result.vtype:=''; result.vgroup:=''; end; finally MonitorExit(fDATA); end; end; end;
  2. microtronx

    Up-to-date 32 bit libmysql.dll?

    Any news here? We're also searching for a updated libmysql.dll in 32bit for mysql8.
  3. I think the Patch has uninstalled all components (Teechart Standard is one of them) which i had selected in time of installation ... right after the patch installed i saw all optional software & languages not installed any more in platform manager. After reinstalling them with platform manager (tools menu), everything fine again ...
  4. Ok, after reinstalling missing components over Tools + Platform manager = everything working again 😉
  5. Uninstalling that patch leaves a damaged system! it seems that the patch has uninstalled a lot of components / addons. Now i try to go through Tools menu to install languages, teechart and Androidsdk again ... lets see what happens ...
  6. Be sure to have a backup, after installing this patch Reportbuilder and DevExpress Components connected with Teechart are not working any more: So, whats next if we don't have a backup ??
  7. microtronx

    Your RAD Studio 10.4 Sydney issues

    You are right, it may be usable for others but on our side with big projects it crashes too often. I think new users and new projects could work fine ... 😉
  8. microtronx

    Your RAD Studio 10.4 Sydney issues

    Important IDE specific rsp's are so much, i hope we get fixes very soon ... at the moment 10.4 is not usable ... crashes all over the time
  9. microtronx

    Your RAD Studio 10.4 Sydney issues

    Everytime i click to a function name with pressed CTRL the IDE starts hanging ... when i see this, i press fast ESC and that stopps the ide from crashing, most of the time but this is not normal. Possible that someone created already a report?
  10. microtronx

    Your RAD Studio 10.4 Sydney issues

    Hi Guys, anyone having also these all over the time. Mostly if i click to a function or procedures name with pressed CTRL, it should jump to the declaration or to the function but it does not, it crashes .... i hoped 10.4 is better but not too much ...
  11. microtronx

    Delphi Rio IDE hangs again and again

    I think the most problems and hangers occur because of too much memory consumption of code-insight etc. I hope, with 10.4 and Language Server this will not happen any more. Hope dies last!
  12. microtronx

    Delphi Rio IDE hangs again and again

    In last case i had no saved files ... don't know why but IDE has not asked my on restart for autorecovering files found ... Normally I click a lot to "Save All" button but in this case it was a complicated project and i forgot this. I will try to setup the interval to 1 minute, lets see if it helps next time ... or hope 10.4 will not have these problems with such memory consumption ...
  13. microtronx

    Delphi Rio IDE hangs again and again

    I hate it when this happens: Now work of 40 minutes is lost again. I realy hate it!
  14. microtronx

    Delphi Rio IDE hangs again and again

    In my case, I try to have not more than 2-3 units/forms open at the same time and i try to restart Delphi after a debug sessions. This + disabling Livebinding helps a lot!
  15. microtronx

    Delphi Rio IDE hangs again and again

    I create own components now for more than 18 years without problems. Freeing explicit everything i have used. Possible that update of TMS VCL UI Pack or other components have problems now. But why delphi does not give the uses memory for debugging free after execution has terminated ? Bad.