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  1. microtronx

    EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)

    Hi CarloM, we've used https://www.nsoftware.com/in/edi/ to create our own converter which can read and write all versions of Edifact. So give it a try.
  2. microtronx

    Simple Android App Template

    Hi Dave, give me a while so i can check the projects in limelect's suggestion. If i can start with something from there i will need only the service programmed by someone. So yes i'm interested. But i have not too much time so if someone is willing to create everything on his side i can invest my time for serverside so the beta in january is not impossible 😉
  3. Hi programmers, i'm a Delphi programmer now for 20+ years since Delphi 3, having subscription and now on Delphi Rio 10.3.3. Because of not having enough experiences with Android i need a template for starting projects with android: I need at least following functionality: * Login Screen with Register new user screen (all data can be saved / received later from a restserver) * List of Functions Screen like the settings screen on android 9 with a search-area on top + in same area my details with login/registrationdata and below a list of different functions with icon+caption + small description (smaller font) * Function details screen where we have different options details etc (can be made later by us) * An android service in backgroud which can i.e. collect gps positions each x minutes into a table for later use within the app For now this is all. I'm searching for a programmer which has enough experiences with android to create this template / app for us so we can use it as "starting template" with latest Delphi Rio. Offers welcome. Yusuf Zorlu / MicrotronX
  4. microtronx

    RAD Studio 10.3.3 now available

    New projects are not using things like "tstringlist" as a result ... Yep, we will change all "old" projects. Thx.
  5. microtronx

    RAD Studio 10.3.3 now available

    Great, so all rest-server-apps are not compatible with prior clients ...
  6. microtronx

    RAD Studio 10.3.3 now available

    I do nothing special, i open the project compile it with Tokyo and it works, i open the same project without changing anything with Rio 10.3.3 and it does not work. In Rio and in Tokyo it shows System.Classes.xxx when i move the mouse over tStrings and tStringList
  7. microtronx

    RAD Studio 10.3.3 now available

    Here's a example. 1. Servers method: function tmyServerMethods.Load_Scanning_Functions(vuserid:longint):tstrings; var i:integer; begin result:=tstringlist.create; // data is a query ... for i:=1 to vdata.recordcount do begin result.add(inttostr(vdata.fieldbyname('statusid').asinteger)+'|'+vdata.fieldbyname('statusname').asstring); end; vdata.next; end; end; 2. Answer compiled with Tokyo: {"result":[{"type":"System.Classes.TStringList","id":1,"fields":{"FList":[["10|Einlagern",null],["30|Umlagern",null],["400|Kundenbarcode",null],["100|St\u00FCckgutverladung",null],["400|NVE zu Kundenbarcode",null],["",null],["",null],["",null]],"FCount":5,"FCapacity":8,"FSorted":false,"FDuplicates":"dupIgnore","FCaseSensitive":false,"FOwnsObject":false,"FEncoding":null,"FDefaultEncoding":{"type":"System.SysUtils.TMBCSEncoding","id":2,"fields":{"FCodePage":1252,"FMBToWCharFlags":0,"FWCharToMBFlags":0,"FIsSingleByte":true,"FMaxCharSize":1}},"FLineBreak":"\r\n","FUpdateCount":0,"FDelimiter":",","FQuoteChar":"\"","FNameValueSeparator":"="}}]} 3. Answer compiled with Rio: {"result":[{"type":"System.Classes.TStringList","id":1,"fields":{"FList":[["10|Einlagern",null],["30|Umlagern",null],["400|Kundenbarcode",null],["100|St\u00FCckgutverladung",null],["400|NVE zu Kundenbarcode",null],["",null],["",null],["",null]],"FCount":5,"FCapacity":8,"FSorted":false,"FDuplicates":"dupIgnore","FCaseSensitive":false,"FOwnsObject":false,"FCompareStringsOverriden":false,"FEncoding":"","FDefaultEncoding":"1252","FLineBreak":"\r\n","FUpdateCount":0,"FDelimiter":",","FQuoteChar":"\"","FNameValueSeparator":"="}}]} 4. In the client app (compiled with Tokyo) cannot work with the result. We're no able to update the client apps at the moment.
  8. microtronx

    RAD Studio 10.3.3 now available

    The Rest-Application's difference is between Tokyo and Rio. I'll try to isolate that at a later time ...
  9. microtronx

    RAD Studio 10.3.3 now available

    Good / Great news: Some problems with Regular Expressions in 10.3.2 are not appearing in 10.3.3 so this is a good bugfix update! Bad news: A Datasnap Rest Application Server compiled with 10.2 Tokyo is working very good for months without restart, compiled with 10.3.3 it answers with different REST / JSON encoding so client apps don't work any more !
  10. microtronx

    Best components for creating windows service apps

    That means it is still supported? I have send two request to their mails but have not received any answers so i thinked that they not "online" anymore ...
  11. microtronx

    Best components for creating windows service apps

    Thanks for your tips, will think about creating a class for all logic. Has someone used SvCom in the past; are the components still supported?
  12. Hi, what components, classes do you use to create extended service apps for windows i.e. with forms and timers etc or have one exe for service and gui? Only tService or any other commercial components?
  13. microtronx

    Sending HTML based eMails with UTF8 encoding and SSL

    What about assigning the Subject and Body as Utf8Encoded with msg.Subject := UTF8Encode(Subject); if not IsBodyHtml then msg.Body.Text := UTF8Encode(EmailBody);
  14. microtronx

    Drag and Drop Component Suite + Drop to Outlook not working

    Changed to tDropEmptySource with tDataFormatAdapter set to TVirtualFileStreamDataFormat and now it looks like it works ... +Anders: Thanks a lot for you tip!
  15. microtronx

    Drag and Drop Component Suite + Drop to Outlook not working

    Thank you very much Anders, i will try to work with FileContents and FileGroupDescriptor if possible. But it must be possible to drag&drop to desktop or any other target. We have 99.99% only files which are saved to a temporary folder and added to dropsource. If we get it work, we will post it here.