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  1. I use them sometimes but I ensure that all variables and constants in local procedures have a _ as prefix procedure Main(); var vmyString:string; procedure _one(); begin vmyString:=vmyString+'_def'; end; procedure _two(const _var:string); begin vmyString:=vmyString+' : '+_var; end; begin vmyString:='abc'; _one(); _two( copy(vmyString,1,3) ); end;
  2. microtronx

    NativeXML and tsdBufferWrite problems with 32k

    It seems one of the declared variables as :integer was the problem. Changing all "integer" vars to "longint" and the problem is gone somehow
  3. Hi All, If we have a XML element in an XML-file with more than 32k size, we got a RangeError in delphi. I tried to write a issuereport on https://github.com/kattunga/NativeXml/issues/9 but it seems that this page is not active. has someone a better solution than following lines: function TsdBufferWriter.Write(const Buffer; Count: Integer): Longint; var Idx, Siz: integer; begin // index in the source buffer Idx := 0; // remaining size Siz := Count; while FRawPosition + Siz >= FChunkSize do begin Move(TByteArray(Buffer)[Idx], FRawBuffer[FRawPosition], FChunkSize - FRawPosition); WriteChunk(FChunkSize); dec(Siz, FChunkSize - FRawPosition); inc(Idx, FChunkSize - FRawPosition); FRawPosition := 0; end; // copy the raw buffer Move(TByteArray(Buffer)[Idx], FRawBuffer[FRawPosition], Siz); inc(FRawPosition, Siz); Result := Count; end; It seems that this works only for a speficic datasize. Any ideas / hints to make it better?
  4. microtronx

    Coming soon

    Wohoo - crazy stuff ...
  5. microtronx

    Feedback Request - FastReports vs ReportBuilder?

    We have been utilizing ReportBuilder for over a decade and have never encountered any insurmountable issues. The support provided is commendable, and we have successfully developed numerous additional features for their "RAP" - the runtime scripting engine to create functionalities for our special needs.
  6. Your ChatGPT extension is working very very good. Thanks Igor.
  7. microtronx

    Delphi says "x is not a valid integer value"

    Yes I know, but I was unable to fully comprehend the question.
  8. microtronx

    Delphi says "x is not a valid integer value"

    simply change your line from x := StrToInt('x'); to x := StrToInt(inttostr(x)); crazy, but will work. But I do not understand why someone would do this
  9. microtronx

    Can Delphi set session data in opening a webpage?

    Yes, look at tidHTTP and its CookieManager property (tidCookieManager). I think there are some examples out there.
  10. microtronx

    Can Delphi set session data in opening a webpage?

    Normally Sessiondata is stored in cookies and yes you can handle them with delphi
  11. microtronx

    Delphi 11.3 is available now!

    1. try: Updated with Webinstall ... started doing something, uninstalled getit packages and delphi, installed delphi and registered some dlls + closed setup ... Starting Delphi does not show anything. 2. try: Same with ISO-install 3. uninstalled manually everything, deleted everything from delphi from install-path and started ISO install again ... now successful
  12. microtronx

    One place to rule them all???

    Hi Ian, on our mainapp we have one tDataModule with tEngine, tSession but we create all other tTables and tQuery etc. in runtime on each form. This is different when we have threads: for each thread, we create a seperate tSession
  13. microtronx

    Better way to maintain a list in a database table??

    If your entries can be saved within a varchar field, I would use a table with at least these fields: id - autoinc type - varchar name - varchar With such a table, you can filter by type ... use this list/lookup in different areas and add / delete entries as needed. Adding i.e. a field "sorted" (integer) would makes it possible to order them in your list as needed.
  14. microtronx

    How can I programmatically connect to a VPN?

    Hi Angus, there is no possibility to download the tMagRas component sources ... or I was not able to find that page 😉