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  1. Yes, but with thtdocument you do not have any dependencies to other libs/dll's ...
  2. Hi folks, after searching a lot for different possibilities, Alexander remembered me that we can use his components (https://delphihtmlcomponents.com/) to create very simply pdf files on the fly. If you search for a component to create PDF files without much code from HTML (incl. using images files) use this code: thtdocument.HTMLtoPDFFile(ahtmlstring:string; aPDFfile:string); Thanks to @Alexander Sviridenkov for his wonderfull components.
  3. microtronx

    Communication from local computer into "rdp session"?

    @Dave Nottage Do I need to create any registry-Keys on my client machine to get that demo work? Answer: YES, see: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/win32/termserv/virtual-channel-client-registration
  4. microtronx

    Communication from local computer into "rdp session"?

    I searched for hours and was not able to find anything ... and now a full demo Wow + Thanks Dave
  5. microtronx

    simple SFTP-like server for Windows?

    We've used https://www.nsoftware.com/sftp/sftpserver/ when we needed a lightweight server, installed in seconds with good functionality.
  6. Hi, I need a way to send and receive "messages" to a connected rdp session or from a rdp session to i.e. start a software, which is only on local computer available from rdp session, i.e. for sending attachments to outlook. Is WTSAPI32 a good starting point or are there any ready to use components for send/receive over rdp / pipe? Thanks for some hints.
  7. Hi guys, is there anyone who has used the Firebase Crashlytics SDK within a Delphi 11 App? I found Kastri with Firebase Analytics which works now ... I see the app in the Firebase Analytics console but I was not able to activate also the Crashlytics. Possible that someone has done this and can point me into the right direction.
  8. Same here. Do you have DevExpress Units in your uses? I see this problem only when those units are in use. In small projects its working but not in bigger ones.
  9. It is a small bug but it annoys us every day: https://quality.embarcadero.com/browse/RSP-25667?jql=text ~ "versioncode" Please vote for it so it gets solved!
  10. microtronx

    Delphi 10.4.2 first impressions

    Installation went good from 10.4.1 to 10.4.2. Only problem I had, was with third party components / packages. I.e. I had to reinstall i.e. Reportbuilder 20.04 for Sydney but now it starts without any problems. Anyone using 10.4 (or 10.4.2) in production environment? We're stuck at 10.3 ...
  11. What about only creating your form without applying the saved changes? = That should be your design time state, or I'm wrong?
  12. microtronx

    Delphi is 26 years old - Marco's blog

    ... wow, I also know that old DOS - blue background Turbo Pascal .. crazy. It feels like i worked with it "last year" ... so it feels like only 1-2 years of experience 😉
  13. Thank you very much @AndreMussche. Your https://github.com/andremussche/asmprofiler has saved my day ... my week ... after searching the bug and not finding it by myself ... and a "not working AQ..." demo 😉 I found your project! What a good coincidence! Don't know, if others know your work .. but they definitely should! Very good job! Thanks again!
  14. microtronx

    HTML Library review and sale: 25% off.

    Very stable and good components + very good support. We can recommend htmlcomponents fully! Thanks for your work Alexander!
  15. I have created a global "tDictionary<tComponent, tmxEvents>" and a small helper function to return an entry or add an entry if it does not exists ... working perfect. Thanks for your tips guys.