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  1. hey, i've just suscribed because i was looking for a Delphi forum to learn a bit, and found this, Some months ago I wanted to build a GUI/compiler for corewar games (the one invented in '84 where you program in asm a warrior to fight with the other warrior in a core). So I have this exact same problem, I've tried the Gold Parser stuff, but I was unable to understand all the underlying stuff. What i finally did was, remembering the compilers lessons in the university, that really it's not complex to build your own lexer/parser. If i remember right the perfect book was the one with a dragon in the cover? or that was the one about Operative Systems? . Btw, still not finished it, but it got it working to the symbols table :D (because corewar assemblers need macro processings, etc...) Anyway, depending on what you want to parse and do, maybe it's easier to build your own one. There is a very good tutorial online in Pascal about this, if you are interested I can have a look. Regards, and thanks everyone, this is my first post :D