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  1. TimStroobandt

    Firedac Indexes Distinct

    I had only 1 index selected at any one time. I have now removed all other indexes, so only 1 remains. I still have the same issue
  2. TimStroobandt

    Firedac Indexes Distinct

    Hi, I have an TFDQuery on which I defined a few indexes which have the "Distinct" property set to enabled. When I set the index to selected, my dataset is always limited to 1 row, even though there are multiple distinct values in the result set. One thing to mention is that the fields are InternalCalc fields. Is this a bug or a limitation on InternalCalc fields? Thx, Tim
  3. TimStroobandt

    Android Dialer replacement

    Hi, I'm looking to build a dialer replacement for the elderly. According to the android docs I need to create a service which inherits from InCallService. Anybody have a clue how to do this in Delphi? I can initiate a call without the service, but delphi events notifying of new calls are not working and implementing a phonestatelistener does not consistently trigger when the state changes. I want to replace all aspects of the dialer allowing for the user to pick up the call with a large button without having to slide. I also want to activate speakerphone as soon as the outgoing call is started or an incoming call is picked up. Regards, Tim