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  1. dwrbudr

    Real time desktop colors change like filters

    You could try https://www.imageen.com/
  2. dwrbudr

    What's the general opinion on v12?

    On my side, Sync Prototypes is not working in Delphi 12, very frustrating. Ctrl+Click also don't work or if it works it takes more than 10-15 sec. Auto-completion also don't work... so another buggy release. Compilation does not work as well - random internal compiler errors or some error and the IDE points to a line after the end. in some unit, so I have to Build the project every time which is quite time consuming.
  3. Use the same calculations for Left and Top. 96 is the default screen pixels per inch at 100% scaling, e.g. Screen.DefaultPixelsPerInch Check your display options in Windows to see what screen scaling you're using, probably 125% or 150%
  4. Try pnlRuntime.Height := MulDiv(350, Screen.PixelsPerInch, 96);
  5. dwrbudr

    Delphi 12 VCL painting differs through RDP

    In Delphi 12 EMB has changed the way DoubleBuffered works in DRP session and added DoubleBufferedMode property. So inspect the source/documentation on that or just play with those properties.
  6. dwrbudr

    Advise the component for editing tables

    Or NextGrid, but I'm not sure if it supports the Ctrl ans Shift selection requirement.
  7. dwrbudr

    Uninstalled D11, now D12 won't start....

    Search the registry HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Embarcadero\BDS\23.0\ for ParnassusCoreEditor.dll and update or delete the key
  8. dwrbudr

    Delphi 12 - Action Bar Menu painting issues with RDS

    Delphi 12 has some changes related to the DoubleBuffered property and RDM. Try to play with form's DoubleBuffered and the newly introduced DoubleBufferedMode properties.
  9. dwrbudr

    TMS: Component compilation error

    It might happen that your PATH environment variable contains the path to the previous Delphi version BPL folder, like: "C:\Users\Public\Documents\Embarcadero\Studio\22.0\Bpl" If you only use Delphi 12, then delete the 22.0\Bpl folder and remove the entry from the PATH
  10. dwrbudr

    Delphi 12 is available

    When you press Ctrl+F 'Whole words' option is checked most of the time, randomly.
  11. dwrbudr

    Delphi 12 is available

    The f*king "Search whole words" bug is still here. Unbelievable!
  12. dwrbudr

    How to render an HTML structure using EdgeBrowser?

    On my system when I use EdgeBrowser.Navigate('file:///c:/temp/blank.html') it strangely opens a new Chrome tab! So if that is not working on your side too, try to load the file to string and use EdgeBrowser.NavigateToString();
  13. dwrbudr

    Zooming At Mouse Position

    How is your code supposed to work since you don't use at all the mouse position in the code?