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  1. There are two great functions in the DateUtils module: DateToISO8601 and ISO8601ToDate. They can save a lot of pain when it is needed to store date/time in text files.
  2. Alexander Elagin

    Anybody up for an ethics question?

    If the manager assumes the responsibility, then just have a written document signed by him - be it a specification or a simple memo. If things go wrong, you'll have you covered.
  3. Alexander Elagin

    Your RAD Studio 10.4 Sydney issues

    It is strange that 10.4 does not show access violation here while the error is obvious: c1 := 'A'; p := PChar(c1); // wrong explicit conversion: widechar to integer to pointer. // Now p is a pointer to the memory location at the address 0x00000041 - that is, the value of Ord(A) showmessage(p^); // here p^ points to memory location at 0x00000041, obviously not was meant by the author
  4. Alexander Elagin

    Rx10.4 new feature blogs

    So if I am the Primary Contact (as I paid the bill myself) I still have to assign myself somewhere as an Authorized Contact? Damn, the Embarcadero's sales model does not change with years, they are targeting businesses, not developers. And don't remind me about all this reseller-only distribution and obligatory quote request for updates ☠️...
  5. Alexander Elagin

    Rx10.4 new feature blogs

    Same here.
  6. Alexander Elagin

    The interfaces in Delphi are bad?

    I guess yes (the {$INTERFACES} directive is local) but honestly I have not tried it myself because it is incompatible with Delphi code
  7. Alexander Elagin

    The interfaces in Delphi are bad?

    You mean something like CORBA interfaces as implemented as FreePascal? They are exactly this: a set of methods, not refcounted.
  8. Alexander Elagin

    Difference between Pred and -1

    Pred() and Succ() are simple iterators defined for enumerable simple data types. If only they could be overloaded for other data types (lists, collections, whatever... maybe even for yield support) their usefulness would be much higher.
  9. Alexander Elagin

    Drone control from mobile

    There is nothing difficult. You can use a serial port (if the host PC doesn't have one, a simple USB-to-COM adapter will do) as a simple communication channel - serial data exchange has been used for decades in multiple industrial applications built with Delphi. In fact, this is the area (custom hardware control / monitoring) where Delphi is used in many companies, but of course most of these applications never appear in public.
  10. Alexander Elagin

    what is the possibility of having a rest/soap webapi in Delphi 2007

    There is well known RemObjects SDK which I think still supports even Delphi 7. Some interesting information regarding JSON support is here: https://talk.remobjects.com/t/how-to-call-rest-server-with-json/18771 . A standard SOAP support has been a part of Delphi RTL since forever and usually works without problems.
  11. Alexander Elagin

    HxD hex, disk and memory editor

    I have been using HxD since.. well... 2009 or 2010, I think. This is an excellent tool!
  12. Alexander Elagin

    FireDAC Postgresql performance vs ADO SQL/Server performance

    ExpressQuantumGrid by default (in the Bound mode) fetches all data from the database table and then uses it for the fast local filtering / sorting / etc functions without further database operations (unless an update is required). There is another mode (Server mode) where data is fetched as needed but in this mode local grid filtering is limited.
  13. Alexander Elagin

    Why upgrade?

    You haven't tried to use the Linux debugger yet, have you? The 64-bit debugger in 10.1 is a piece of cake compared to 10.3 Linux one...
  14. Alexander Elagin

    Any Good tutorial on Parallel Programming Library?

    The problem is that OTL is unfortunately Windows only, where it wins hands down. On the other hand, PPL with all its quirks is cross-platform. When porting to Linux, I had to write two versions of the same code, ifdef'd to use OTL on Windows and PPL on Linux. Not an elegant solution but I did not want to touch the working Windows code...
  15. I always remember the Peter Gottschling's description of a program comment from his book "Discovering modern C++":