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  1. Sorry if that is not clear. The license gives you the full source code. Yes, now I read this myself, it is bit confusing, I'll change it.
  2. The hosting site "MyCommerce" from Digital River doesn't provide that option. I offer 3 ways to end a subscription so there is no need to feel that it is forced upon you. I can also do that for you if you just send me an email. I fully understand if you don't want a subscription but there are many customers who use the software in there own commercial applications and do want bug fixes and updates and support. Simply selling lisences doesn't create enough income, the community that is interested in this kind of product is just too small. At some point you sold all the lisences you are ever going to sell. So that is the background for this subscription license.
  3. Yes, I can't keep developing the package without some income. But if you had read a bit further it says: "If you create an account during the order process, you can check the details of your subscription order in the password-protected “MyCommerce ID” area of the Customer Care Center and cancel the subscription in question there directly."
  4. The main change in this update is a redesign of the SVG image list and the SVG linked image list. See here for the change log.
  5. bverhue

    SVG Control Package v2.3

    For some reason your email ended up in the spam inbox. I have send you a reply now.
  6. I have released version 2.3 of the SVG Control Package for parsing and rendering SVG graphics. This is a complete rewrite of the package. Among the changes are: Support for FPC Lazarus Added interfaces for more graphic libraries (Quartz, Graphics32...) Improved text rendering Faster integrated parser New licensing terms See release info over here: https://www.bverhue.nl/delphisvg/2019/09/24/svg-control-package-version-2-3.
  7. I released update 13 of the SVG control package The package contains controls and utilities for using xml based scalable vector graphics in your Delphi applications. Includes packages and demo applications for Delphi 10.3 Rio Added support to the SVG VCL controls for DPI aware applications Updated the demo packages Bug fixes and improvements