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  1. This I was informed: The 'C++ Audits' feature was removed because it is incompatible to the Clang compiler. Codeguard is not working as soon as the dynamic runtime library feature is in use. This can be also the case if the related C++ linker option "Link with dynamic RTL, ..." is disabled. It may be fixed in some future release (i.e. > V10.4.2) I wonder why they have not compiler dependent 'C++ Audits' disabled? I.e. for the Clang compiler disabled but still usable for the classic Borland compiler .
  2. Hello, 1) I'm wondering what happened to the 'C++ Audits' feature. In version 10.3 it was here: View -> Tool Windows -> C++ Audits But in my currently used version 10.4 Update 1 it is no longer present. 2) I also used Codeguard in the past, it is now out of work. You can find some matching error report here (link). Thanks for your help / information! Michaell P.S. I'm running Win10 V20H2, 64 bit and I'm installing the C++ Builder via an *.iso image (i.e. offline).