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  1. justin.liu

    Git UI tools

    maybe just myself, I feel source tree pulling very slow compare to GitHub Desktop
  2. justin.liu

    Git UI tools

    wow thank you guys for the suggestions, really appreciate them. Will try them out
  3. justin.liu

    Git UI tools

    hi all, Just wondering what UI tools you using for Git? I have had play around with several tools and can't find one which have most features we required: GitHub Desktop - it's clean and simple, I really like it, but can't check history of files, can edit changes directly inside the tool Visual Studio - bit complicated to show what exactly changed and also cannot pick a file and view history directly Tortoise Git - not sure, don't feel like it's easy to commit SourceTree - has a lot of features but slow to pull changes, the history display is complicated Delphi itself - very confusing when viewing the history Thanks Justin