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  1. Read the list and probably should pass as a json string, but are arrays of type mytype not allowed;
  2. What data types can I pass from a delphi client to a datasnap server? I need to send an array of a specific type to my datasnap server. Can I also return an array?
  3. alnickels

    Delphi XE Zebra scanner

    Does anybody have and example example coding working with a Zebra USB scanner?
  4. Anders, Yes I am wanting to take the next step and understand executing the curl request within delphi and taking the next steps. I am sure that I want to use here, but they mention executing thic curl statement and then there is some other operation to take next with the results. Some of the other answers are great pieces to solving this problem, but my next steps will be following the curl part of the next step. Then they follow this with Decode the tile using the related Protobuf schema. I will have to discover what the protobuf schema means.
  5. Can somebody explain curl in the original post please?
  6. I want to start working with GPS systems. Its a new environment for me and I am running into things some have nothing to do with maps and other issues do. I want to understand rendering maps from provided coordinates onto a VCL form. Do I use a twebbrowser or is there a control that can be provided coordinates that will render the map? Do I have to acquire a mapcontrol from a 3rd party? I want to use google or here for map technology. I noticed that one vendor had a request that included a curl command. What does this curl request return? curl -H "Authorization: Bearer TOKEN_HERE" "https://vector.hereapi.com/v2/vectortiles/base/mc/11/1100/673/omv"
  7. alnickels

    does a class property or a variable exist

    Thank you very much Remy Lebeau
  8. alnickels

    does a class property or a variable exist

    Remy that will work. The application will read xml and get a variable or property name. If variable or property exists we will take certain actions depending on its value.
  9. Is there a way to tell if a variable or class property exist within delphi at runtime?
  10. Does anybody know where I can find an example of a delphi client and server that will download binary files of size 250k or more using soap?
  11. What are the advantages of readbytes vs readstrings or other methods that are used to read iohandlers from tidtcpclient in indy?
  12. How can I read a message from a tidtcpserver context without removing it from the read buffer? I want to preview the message and leave it in the buffer.
  13. I submit the following end point which has a API key that I do not wish to provide. I get a response in the debugger tool, but I do not know the resource or resource suffix to make it work in a project. Below is the response I get from the debugger. Note these endpoints do not have the nice .xml or .json extensions like the do in the Youtube example. Would love to know how to determine these values so that I can figure this from here. The endpoint below https://track.onestepgps.com/v3/api/public/device? Yes I left the ? but I removed the API key The results from running in the debugger below { "result_list": [ { "device_id":"6cnc3qPsQZHzH-81f07-0-", "created_at":null, "updated_at":"2019-06-20T06:22:29Z", "activated_at":"2019-02-19T01:18:53.244573Z", "delivered_at":null, "factory_id":"4562371099", "active_state":"active", "display_name":"F550", "bcc_id":"", "make":"calamp", "model":"3030 HSPA", "conn_type":"", "conn_data": { "calamp_next_lookup_time":null } , "settings": { "begin_moving_speed": { } , "begin_stopped_speed": { } , "max_drift_distance": { } , "max_hdop":null, "drive_timeout": { } , "stop_timeout": { } , "offline_timeout": { } , "history_calc_duration": { } } , "user_id_list": [ "6cA6O6RJQuLZKk81f07--V", "6cA6O6UQOo9ZKk81f07--V", "6cA6R8Z_PHLZKk81f07--V", "6clcLSCaPEeFxV81f07-0-", "6dp0oignNjaZWF81f07-0F" ] , "latest_device_point":null } , { "device_id":"6d3udZ-APYDQqV81f07-0-", "created_at":"2019-01-09T01:03:35Z", "updated_at":"2019-01-09T17:24:55Z", "activated_at":"2019-01-09T01:04:10.926502Z", "delivered_at":null, "factory_id":"R34542223348", "active_state":"none", "display_name":"orbcomm- 4542223348", "bcc_id":"", "make":"calamp", "model":"3030 CDMA 2G", "conn_type":"", "conn_data": { "calamp_next_lookup_time":null } , "settings": { "hidden":true, "begin_moving_speed": { } , "begin_stopped_speed": { } , "max_drift_distance": { } , "max_hdop":null, "drive_timeout": { } , "stop_timeout": { } , "offline_timeout": { } , "history_calc_duration": { } } , "user_id_list": [ "6cA6O6RJQuLZKk81f07--V", "6cA6O6UQOo9ZKk81f07--V", "6cA6PMvwQT5ZKk81f07--V", "6cA6R8Z_PHLZKk81f07--V", "6clcLSCaPEeFxV81f07-0-", "6dp0oignNjaZWF81f07-0F" ] , "latest_device_point":null } , { "device_id":"6d8lUOaQNw1fwk81f07-0-", "created_at":"2019-02-02T18:25:00Z", "updated_at":"2019-03-15T00:26:22Z", "activated_at":"2019-02-06T17:13:52.979652Z", "delivered_at":null, "factory_id":"R14762014590", "active_state":"none", "display_name":"Adam's - 23.15 test", "bcc_id":"", "make":"calamp", "model":"2030 HSPA", "conn_type":"", "conn_data": { "calamp_next_lookup_time":null } , "settings": { "hidden":true, "begin_moving_speed": { } , "begin_stopped_speed": { } , "max_drift_distance": { } , "max_hdop":null, "drive_timeout": { } , "stop_timeout": { } , "offline_timeout": { } , "history_calc_duration": { } } , "user_id_list": [ "6cA6O6RJQuLZKk81f07--V", "6cA6O6UQOo9ZKk81f07--V", "6cA6PMvwQT5ZKk81f07--V", "6cA6R8Z_PHLZKk81f07--V", "6clcLSCaPEeFxV81f07-0-", "6dp0oignNjaZWF81f07-0F" ] , "latest_device_point":null } ] } Results from executing as a URL {"result_list":[{"device_id":"6cnc3qPsQZHzH-81f07-0-","created_at":null,"updated_at":"2019-06-20T06:22:29Z","activated_at":"2019-02-19T01:18:53.244573Z","delivered_at":null,"factory_id":"4562371099","active_state":"active","display_name":"F550","bcc_id":"","make":"calamp","model":"3030 HSPA","conn_type":"","conn_data":{"calamp_next_lookup_time":null},"settings":{"begin_moving_speed":{},"begin_stopped_speed":{},"max_drift_distance":{},"max_hdop":null,"drive_timeout":{},"stop_timeout":{},"offline_timeout":{},"history_calc_duration":{}},"user_id_list":["6cA6O6RJQuLZKk81f07--V","6cA6O6UQOo9ZKk81f07--V","6cA6R8Z_PHLZKk81f07--V","6clcLSCaPEeFxV81f07-0-","6dp0oignNjaZWF81f07-0F"],"latest_device_point":null},{"device_id":"6d3udZ-APYDQqV81f07-0-","created_at":"2019-01-09T01:03:35Z","updated_at":"2019-01-09T17:24:55Z","activated_at":"2019-01-09T01:04:10.926502Z","delivered_at":null,"factory_id":"R34542223348","active_state":"none","display_name":"orbcomm- 4542223348","bcc_id":"","make":"calamp","model":"3030 CDMA 2G","conn_type":"","conn_data":{"calamp_next_lookup_time":null},"settings":{"hidden":true,"begin_moving_speed":{},"begin_stopped_speed":{},"max_drift_distance":{},"max_hdop":null,"drive_timeout":{},"stop_timeout":{},"offline_timeout":{},"history_calc_duration":{}},"user_id_list":["6cA6O6RJQuLZKk81f07--V","6cA6O6UQOo9ZKk81f07--V","6cA6PMvwQT5ZKk81f07--V","6cA6R8Z_PHLZKk81f07--V","6clcLSCaPEeFxV81f07-0-","6dp0oignNjaZWF81f07-0F"],"latest_device_point":null},{"device_id":"6d8lUOaQNw1fwk81f07-0-","created_at":"2019-02-02T18:25:00Z","updated_at":"2019-03-15T00:26:22Z","activated_at":"2019-02-06T17:13:52.979652Z","delivered_at":null,"factory_id":"R14762014590","active_state":"none","display_name":"Adam's - 23.15 test","bcc_id":"","make":"calamp","model":"2030 HSPA","conn_type":"","conn_data":{"calamp_next_lookup_time":null},"settings":{"hidden":true,"begin_moving_speed":{},"begin_stopped_speed":{},"max_drift_distance":{},"max_hdop":null,"drive_timeout":{},"stop_timeout":{},"offline_timeout":{},"history_calc_duration":{}},"user_id_list":["6cA6O6RJQuLZKk81f07--V","6cA6O6UQOo9ZKk81f07--V","6cA6PMvwQT5ZKk81f07--V","6cA6R8Z_PHLZKk81f07--V","6clcLSCaPEeFxV81f07-0-","6dp0oignNjaZWF81f07-0F"],"latest_device_point":null}]}