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  1. Lchris

    JEDI VCS add-in for Delphi

    Hello K0nstantin, You are are right ! an anonymous hero did the job end November but nobody told us ! Also yes it's old, but C++ is old, Java is old, end Delphi is old, they now have plenty of strange kids but are still alive ;) JediVCS stays unmatched in simplicity and is the only one to have the ability to do a simple Exclusive File Lock. Also the Jedi authors could tell us when it's definitively dead ... But why would it die when it can get opensource anyway ? Happy new year 2022 coding !
  2. Lchris

    IDE Fix pack for Rio

    I think they only test on small demo projects. I believe (since embarcadero) they really focus on quality but they are not very smart when choosing what to do. When trying to optimize code they should choose to remove big bottlenecks that cost minutes before working on code to win milliseconds. They have difficulties priorizing things that for us look obvious. But there is hope, they understood someone is smarter than them and asked permission to integrate some idefixpack fixes ! I told them, "Without IDEFixPack Delphi is llike "Turbo Pascal" without the "Turbo" ! But idefixpack will allways be needed, because it also fixes some breaking bugs that would require months of waiting for an official patch.