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    Backup FB3 Embedded through TIBBackup component

    The VendorLib is setted right, as fbclient.dll, as Fireird 3 need. The problem seems to be in FireDAC.Phys.IBWrapper.pas at line 16423 of procedure TIBLib.GetLibraryInfo {$ELSE} sProd := UpperCase(Product); if Pos('FIREBIRD', sProd) <> 0 then begin FBrand := ibFirebird; FEmbedded := Pos('embed', sLib) > 0; end else if Pos('INTERBASE', sProd) <> 0 then begin FBrand := ibInterbase; FEmbedded := Pos('togo', sLib) > 0; end else FBrand := ibYaffil; {$ENDIF} has you can see delphi search for word "embed" in client library name (sLib is the file name of the VendorLib setted before) I'm using Delphi 10.2.2 The problem appear to exists only for admnistration component like TIBBackup, TIBRestore and so on. The normal connection with the TFBConnection componet work right.