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  1. Donald Shimoda

    10.4.1 Released today

    Update without surprises, just a complain about fmxlinux dll wizard, but now openning any projects raise this Is a new VM, windows 10, nothing else installed (only libraries as you see). Edit: Mever mind is a BUG in UNIDAC libraries.
  2. Donald Shimoda

    How to detect the active app

    Thanks Remmy. For check overall mouse and keyboard activity for windows which is the best option? Best regards.
  3. Donald Shimoda

    How to detect the active app

    I want to detect the windows active app using a tray app. Is posible? And how to detect if theres keyboard or mouse activity? Best regards.
  4. @DanielYes you are right. I will edit my post, never mind. Is ok now?
  5. ... and now Idea try ti sell us RAD SERVER, a solution with NO source code. All the marketing and technical forces concentrated on the Rad Server. Jus imagine you take that road. Imagine they take any decisions on RAD licensing shecme in a near future and BLOCK your users! Imagen the amount of legal issues that will bring to your company! I believe Atalas is a poor manager. There's no any other explanation. Put a lot of money and want it back now. That have the potential of massive court battles if advance. He take only poor management decision. Closing Spanish offices, just to name the start of this. A shame because Delphi have terrific potential.