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  1. If you are concerned about performance, use the options in FindFirstFileEx to use a larger buffer and not to return 8.3 filenames.
  2. You might like the Grijjy implementation of Google Protocol Buffers: https://blog.grijjy.com/2017/04/25/binary-serialization-with-google-protocol-buffers/
  3. timfrost

    Formatter doesn't work in a Unit??

    My CPU is an Intel core i7-11700, and I can reproduce the same symptoms here with Ian's source file on an AMD Ryzen 7 3700X, where Delphi is 10.4 and GExperts is But not on Delphi 10.3 with GExperts, which runs on a core i7-6700T. On the older machine the formatter runs with or without the comment. My guess is that this may be related to the formatting settings; perhaps both Ian and I have settings that you do not. I tend to copy and review my settings manually from IDE to IDE, but 10.3 might be different. And I do not remember whether there is an easy export/import settings mechanism for me to send you my settings to test. I don't really want to update my own GExperts at this moment. I do not normally put comments at the end of interface lines so the problem does not affect my formatting. I only researched the issue because it seemed an interesting bug, and might have been related to the apparently intermittent 'formatter does not run in 11.3' issue which I fixed in February by building from source, following your suggestion here then.
  4. timfrost

    Formatter doesn't work in a Unit??

    I can reproduce the same problem with your unit (but not with any of my own). My GExperts build reports itself in 'About' as "1.3.22 build 4008". I think I built this from source back when 11.3 first came out (see another topic here) but I see the same issue (and the same build number 4008) in your unit with the installer with the name 2023-03-25. Although no formatting of your unit takes place, either with the keyboard shortcut or the menu, the IDE offers to save it on close, so believes something has changed. If I remove your comment on line 22, the formatter works correctly. Adding a comment at the end of an interface function definition in one of my own units also makes the formatting fail to take place. So this looks a bit like a data-related formatter bug. I will see if I can find and try that also.
  5. timfrost

    Unicode weirdness

    Can you not find a better 'text extractor' which produces more useful output?
  6. timfrost

    My Object Inspector is broken

    Thanks; but as is often the case, just posting a question is sufficient to find the solution. I remembered that I had been experimenting with Windows compatibility properties for BDS.exe as well as with -highdpi:unaware a week or so ago (and, unusually, had not used the IDE much since). And now I find that it is overriding high DPI in the Windows properties dialog that attacks and damages Object Inspector keyboard and mouse actions, and this setting had been accidentally left in place; it has a similar effect on the display of the form in the IDE as -highdpi:unaware. So I hope this thread may help someone else one day, but discovering my error has restored my sanity along with that of the IDE.
  7. Something has recently broken my object inspector in Delphi 11 update 3, running on Windows 11. If I click in any field, for example 'LeftMargin', the value is highlighted, but digits I type do not appear, and I cannot select any other field until after have pressed the Enter key, when the typed number also appears. If I had last pressed up-arrow, the value next above in 'Left' is highlighted, and again I need to press Enter before I can select any other item. If I have clicked in another item before pressing Enter, the click has been remembered, and the focus moves to the last clicked item when I press enter to clear the original selection. My only items in the Experts registry list are Beyond Compare and GExperts, and removing them and restarting the IDE does not fix the issue. The problem affects all projects and forms, even brand new ones. I have found no other applications affected. Rebooting changes nothing. What should I try next? The Object Inspector is effectively unusable.
  8. timfrost

    Syntax Highlighting

    PlusMemo is an enhanced memo component for Delphi and CBuilder, with comprehensive syntax highlighting features. I have been a satisfied user for 20 years and have recommended it here in the past. Powerful, fast, and simple to specify keywords and syntax elements, with samples for some common file types such as HTML, and with various editor-related utilities included. And of course the good set of user editing features that you would expect in a high-quality editor. I just discovered that it has recently become 'free with source', with packages for from D2009 to Alexandria. Definitely worth a look, at ecmqc.com/plusmemo/pmHome.htm, if you need any type of syntax highlighting editor in your applications.
  9. timfrost

    Error loading data???

    Have you found a way to suppress the welcome page in 11.3 ? I cannot find a setting for this.
  10. timfrost

    Separate Formatter Issue/Warning..

    I am now back to getting this problem also. Not yet managed to find a trick to make it work. It fails to run with the defined keystroke (I have tried defining others without success) and with the menu.
  11. timfrost

    memory paging or segmentation

    You are still trying to write 70001 entries (0 to 70000) into a 70000-byte array. That it reports an error when you pass the end is the expected result.
  12. timfrost

    Separate Formatter Issue/Warning..

    I have once seen that symptom. No formatter, close, open, formatter; and vice versa. Only once. No involvement of Xplorer2. It was before I upgraded from 11.2 to 11.3, and I think I put it down to running the IDE as admin. In 11.3 I made sure to run the GExperts install batch file as admin, after I had rebuilt GExperts as mentioned in another thread.
  13. timfrost

    Separate Formatter Issue/Warning..

    I have Xplorer2 installed and I cannot reproduce any problem with the GExperts formatter when starting Delphi second (or first). I have gone back to Directory Opus and no longer use X2, so if it was intermittent I might not have noticed it.
  14. timfrost

    GExperts formatter in 11.3

    Rebuilt with 11.3 and panic over! I might have had to drop back if there was no GExperts formatter. Also visited the donations page.
  15. timfrost

    GExperts formatter in 11.3

    Yes, after the 11.3 install when I open the IDE everything comes up as usual, including GExperts. I will try a rebuild next.