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  1. timfrost

    FastMM5. Can't get a log file

    You can call FastMM_ApplyLegacyConditionalDefines if you already have defines in your code to control logging; it will then use them. But there is new, finer, control of the logging for FastMM5 and you can select FastMM_LogToFileEvents as you wish. The extensive documentation in the source describes all this, and there are basic instructions about logging options at https://github.com/pleriche/FastMM5. Someone (but perhaps not from the USA during this holiday season) will no doubt be along help with a more comprehensive answer; I mainly make do with the defaults.
  2. Your logs only show what is coming in, not what is going out, but my guess is that the Indy server rejected the BDAT command (binary data) as invalid. I have never seen one before in the wild, and I see that the RFC1830 that introduced this command in August 1995 marks it as 'experimental'.
  3. timfrost

    Issue with UsesCleaner..

    I have only seen a link to a zip with the EXE/CFG files. If I had known where to find the source I might have worked out what compressed=0 does!
  4. timfrost

    Issue with UsesCleaner..

    It would be much more logical to have an option in UsesCleaner which makes it follow the settings in GExperts formatter. I want to define my formatting preferences in the formatter, which seems to me to be the right way to do it. Why should I have to reformat every unit with my chosen formatter settings (without any option set to match another application, of course) in order to fix the unwanted format changes that the UsersCleaner has made? If I could find the UsesCleaner site and a place for feature requests, I would add one: please add an option to never change unit sequence and never add or delete newlines in the uses section and always retain comments. This would then cover a preference in any formatter to have one unit per line.
  5. timfrost

    Listview control with filtering like File Explorer

    I use TMS TadvStringGrid when I need to do this, but it is not free and not available on its own. It can build the combobox with an entry for every different value in the column, or you can override it to create entries manually such as 1-20. 21-40, >40, and filter them yourself. It puts an icon in the header row which you click on to filter. I am sure that there are other grids available from other vendors with this capability, but I happen to use TMS
  6. Despite the name of this topic I cannot remember seeing any of your code which actually references a UTFstring. If you want an answer to the original question, the 'lazy programmer' solution (and so occasionally mine) is to pass the UTF8 text to the Windows API MultiByteToWideString function with source code 65001 (UTF8). With the normal options, any invalid UTF8 sequences should be returned as Ufffd in the returned Unicode string, and you can walk the result and drop them. This is not the 'proper' way to approach the problem, but it should work.
  7. timfrost

    Project Magician gotcha

    Sent; it is my broken project file which causes it to crash!
  8. timfrost

    Project Magician gotcha

    Does Project Magician support 10.4.1 project files? Or alternatively, is the command-line program supposed to work if I select none of the IDE options? If the answer to both of these is 'yes' I will report a null-pointer exception when running the command-line version to try it.
  9. timfrost

    Best way to prevent multiple instances? Mutex not working

    But lack of SeCreateGlobalPrivilege privilege may cause creation of the Mutex to fail, as was mentioned by the OP.
  10. timfrost

    Best way to prevent multiple instances? Mutex not working

    The very simple Mutex may not work if multiple instances of your application may be running in different accounts, with different credentials, or as a service.
  11. timfrost

    Best way to prevent multiple instances? Mutex not working

    I have tried several components over many years, and the only one that has proved simple and reliable under all circumstances is JclAppinst.pas in the JCL. Many options if you need them but for simply checking that there there is only one instance you need only two lines of code added to your DPR: one supplying a GUID and then a call to JclAppInstances.CheckSingleInstance.
  12. I can reproduce the initial screen being too small on my 3840x2160 monitor. But it would be sufficient to fix the failure to save the size between usages, to avoid the annoyance of resizing it every time, and this might not require a matching monitor. I am sorry, but I am not motivated to learn enough about the Gexperts source to discover how/where you prefer to save dialog sizes, because this is a Gexperts item that I have never used!
  13. timfrost

    10.4.1 Released today

    Since you ask, just some GUI issues: https://quality.embarcadero.com/browse/RSP-30043 Nothing major, just simple and annoying; not included in the fix. https://quality.embarcadero.com/browse/RSB-3800 Equally annoying; included
  14. Thanks, both. I had just found that one myself, but of course it is not in the link map, because it contains no code. But it does show up on searching in the full PROCMON listing for bds.exe, now that I have stopped filtering it on windowsxp.res. So I think I can track it down to a form this application has borrowed from elsewhere; not code I have written. This level of detective work is always a fun task for a cold Sunday!
  15. All of my programs have a custom manifest file, specified using $R in the DPR. I have different combinations of administrator and dpiPM manifests for different programs. Using a $R entry in the DPR allows me to have a common Finalbuilder action for building EXE files, with only a couple of variables needed, and allows me to build either in the IDE or for production. In the IDE, none of my projects specify a manifest. In just one single program, this fails, because Delphi inserts its own windowsXP.res containing an XP manifest into the EXE. In consequence this application, which requires elevation, gets two manifests and the XP manifest wins. Watching the build with PROCMON shows this file being picked up and used. The unwanted manifest is inserted both when compiling in the IDE and in Finalbuilder. I have tried deleting all the project files other than the DPR and starting afresh, to no avail. None of the unit sources or resource files reference this Windows XP manifest. I can get around this issue by removing the $R and instead specifying a custom manifest, but this is untidy because I then have to have to build this program differently from all the others in Finalbuilder. Can anyone suggest what might be causing this resource file to be picked up?