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  1. uligerhardt

    ImageLists. One or Multiple??

    DevEx cxImageLists at least store the individual images in separate blob subitems. And they don't change the blobs on every occasion.
  2. uligerhardt

    Custom component Resource PRINTFORM not found

    I'll try to rephrase: As your package is called JasotComponents, * means JasotComponents, so the 3 $R lines are equivalent to: {$R JasotComponents.res JasotComponents.rc} {$R JasotComponents.res JasotComponentsResource.rc} {$R JasotComponents.res JasotComponents.rc} So you're instructing Delphi to include the resource file JasotComponents.res 3 times, and to create it alternatingly from JasotComponents.rc and JasotComponentsResource.rc. That probably won't work. 😉
  3. uligerhardt

    Custom component Resource PRINTFORM not found

    Shouldn't the second $R line be {$R JasotComponentsResource.res JasotComponentsResource.rc} ? Also, the first and the third $R line refers to identical files, doesn't it?
  4. uligerhardt

    Current VCLZip?

    Not yet, But the Synopse stuff is usually good, so I'll might have a look.
  5. uligerhardt

    Current VCLZip?

    FWIW: I sent an e-mail to his bigfoot address and got an "Undeliverable". 😞
  6. uligerhardt

    Current VCLZip?

    XE6 for now. I know about System.Zip.TZipFile, but IIRC it didn't have all features we use from VCLZip. I should look again.
  7. uligerhardt

    Current VCLZip?

    Hello all! We are using an "prehistoric" version (2.21 AFAICT) of VCLZip by Kevin Boylan together with Delphi 2007. After finally making the switch to an Unicode version of Delphi we get some errors with invalid zip files and the like. In the internet I found references to an Unicode aware version 4.50 but no way to to licence or download it. Does anybody have any hints with this?
  8. As an Ingress player, I always have to check whether I am in a Niantic or an Embarcadero forum, when I read stuff like this.
  9. uligerhardt

    Windows Software Development Kit - why?

    At least I'd be careful with letting an official Ferrari mechanic touch my Enzo 😉 Ferrari Enzo zerstört: Mechaniker zerlegt bei Spritztour Millionen-Rarität | STERN.de
  10. uligerhardt

    Compilng in x64 gives a warning I see why occurs

    Would be nice if the warning specified that non-const aspect. 😉
  11. Try storing zip.FileNames in a local variable. Edit: ... and maybe drop vZipContents and use that local variable instead.
  12. uligerhardt

    Updating Table of Contents in docx with OOXML

    I'd compare your original docx before and the one after the user pressed "Yes". Maybe you can see what you have to change in the differences.
  13. uligerhardt

    Found and remove unused uses units

    That's only true for the uses-clause entries that the form designer manages. (Which is a tiny fraction in my development.)
  14. uligerhardt

    10.4.1+ Custom Managed Records usable?

    If I'm not missing anything, Oxygene didn't "reverse" it, but kept it consistent with Pascal.
  15. There is http://docwiki.embarcadero.com/RADStudio/Sydney/en/Writeable_typed_constants_(Delphi). It's just off per default for some years now.