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  1. uligerhardt

    Unit dependency viwer

    Works now for me. I loaded our historically grown monster project and it was parsed quickly and without obvious errors. 😉
  2. uligerhardt

    Unit dependency viwer

    After downloading the "official" version again, loading a DPR worked; creating the graph still doesn't - see PM.
  3. uligerhardt

    Unit dependency viwer

    Still can't load a project: I have XE6 and 10.4 installed.
  4. uligerhardt

    Unit dependency viwer

    I have the error when clicking on the folder icon without clicking Create. But I'll just try the new version. 🙂
  5. uligerhardt

    Unit dependency viwer

    Hi! I just downloaded and unpacked the RAR. When I start graph.exe and click on the Project icon I immediately get this: Any idea how to fix this?
  6. Never used TTitlebar but this sounds like there are related units left in the uses clause after removing the component. So maybe the problem hides in some initialization section?
  7. uligerhardt

    Migrate an old app in Delphi 2009 to modren C++

    Do you know Delphi and/or C++? How big is the app? The first thing that should come to mind before considering a rewrite is "Never change a running system".
  8. If you're prepared to write a wizard you might find something in this fragments from a very old wizard I no longer use: procedure TMyWizMainForm.ShowInMessageView(const FileName, MessageStr: string; LineNumber, ColumnNumber: Integer); var MessageServices: IOTAMessageServices40; begin MessageServices := BorlandIDEServices as IOTAMessageServices40; MessageServices.ClearCompilerMessages; MessageServices.ClearToolMessages; MessageServices.AddToolMessage(FileName, MessageStr, '.....', LineNumber, ColumnNumber); ShowMessageView; end; procedure TMyWizMainForm.ShowUnitSource(const FileName: string); begin (BorlandIDEServices as IOTAActionServices).OpenFile(FileName); end; procedure TMyWizMainForm.ShowParseError(e: EParseError); var EditorServices: IOTAEditorServices; TopView: IOTAEditView; EditActions: IOTAEditActions; begin ShowInMessageView(CurrUnit, e.Message, e.LineNo, e.ColumnNo); EditorServices := BorlandIDEServices as IOTAEditorServices; TopView := EditorServices.TopView; if TopView = nil then begin ShowUnitSource(CurrUnit); TopView := EditorServices.TopView; end; if TopView <> nil then begin EditActions := TopView as IOTAEditActions; EditActions.NextError; end; Close; Beep; end; It works (worked?) by inserting a custom line into the IDE's message window and make the IDE jump there.
  9. You can use ShellExecute(0, 'open', PChar(FileName), nil, nil, SW_SHOWNORMAL); to show the unit in your registered Pascal editor - which probably is Delphi. I don't know about the line number.
  10. uligerhardt

    while TStream_TryRead() do

    I think a repeat is conceptually the right thing here, as you want to read at least once unconditionally. And of course written like David did. 😉
  11. uligerhardt

    while TStream_TryRead() do

    Wouldn't a repeat-until loop do the trick?
  12. uligerhardt

    Lib for Getting process name that has the file open

    FWIW: There's also IFileIsInUse. E.g. delphi - Checking if the file is in use and by which application? - Stack Overflow. But it only works for apps that support it.
  13. uligerhardt

    Is there a Delphi equivalent of WriteStr ?

    That's the core of Uwe's code I linked to.
  14. uligerhardt

    Is there a Delphi equivalent of WriteStr ?

    Maybe something like this: Delphi-PRAXiS - Einzelnen Beitrag anzeigen - TextFile Writeln für Klasse verfügbar machen. (delphipraxis.net)
  15. uligerhardt

    Is there a Delphi equivalent of WriteStr ?

    That should be just Str.