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  1. Very good. 🙂
  2. uligerhardt

    how to get a pseudo-design mode at run-time

    No, that's "original content" that I just created just for this thread. 😄
  3. uligerhardt

    how to get a pseudo-design mode at run-time

    Maybe using TApplicationEvents.OnMessage like in the attached project. RerouteMouseDown.zip
  4. uligerhardt

    looking for a lo-fi Delphi Style

    There is Visual Forms (http://www.jed-software.com/vf.htm). Never tested it.
  5. uligerhardt

    Label Style and Color in DFM

    That's how TFont is streamed, at least in VCL: Either you leave ParentFont at True or the complete TFont properties are stored. I hate that too.
  6. uligerhardt

    IDE adds {$R} between units

    I'd check the *.dproj for spurious entries.
  7. uligerhardt

    Report components: good, bad, ugly

    Regarding dynamic construction: I only know FastReport and List&Label. Both have DOM-like APIs. And FastReport has scripting.
  8. uligerhardt

    Motif: easy pattern matching toolbox

    Um - the name Motif is already taken: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Motif_(software).
  9. uligerhardt

    Funny Code in System.Types

    I wasn't clear enough... Why would you rely on this even if it worked?
  10. uligerhardt

    Funny Code in System.Types

    Why would you rely on this? Without the tiniest comment?
  11. Thanks! I missed that feature on every Delphi upgrade. Re: clipboard format: Can't you just hand over the text? You can probably even put into a TMemIniFile for reading.
  12. uligerhardt

    converting a C enum to Delphi

    Couldn't you use a normal Delphi enum (i.e. without assignments) for the "main" values and define the extraneous ones as untyped constants?
  13. uligerhardt

    Anon methods passed as event handlers?

    No, that's why I'm talking about class methods. You can use them like this: type TMyEventHandler = class public class procedure OnError(const AMessage: string); end; Something.OnError := TMyEventHandler.OnError; The method has to be non-static to provide the needed Self parameter.
  14. uligerhardt

    Anon methods passed as event handlers?

    FWIW: If I have to adapt the interface of the routine anyway I would make it into a (non-static) class method of a dummy class and stay completely inside of the type system.
  15. uligerhardt

    IcoMoon font with TText

    What does AddFontResource return?