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  1. RussellW

    DSIWin32 ComObj

    I am using OTL in a 64 bit Delphi 10.2.3 app (haven't had to look at it for a while). I have updated OTL and I now get a ComObj can't be found error in DSIWin32. This is fixed by changing it to System.Win.ComObj. One question, is DSIWin32 the correct unit to be used in a 64bit app?
  2. RussellW

    Setting Up in ISAPI

    ok, I've sorted this. I should have started with the basic application first. I needed to add /default before the /helloworld said I'd missed something obvious!
  3. I've just started looking at MARS and jumped straight in with the Bootstrap ISAPI, but can't get it to work. If I call www.myserver.com/app/bin/BootstrapServerISAPI.dll/helloworld I get the message that it doesn't match engine URL the /rest If I call www.myserver.com/app/bin/BootstrapServerISAPI.dll/rest I get the message unknown application rest and if I call www.myserver.com/app/bin/BootstrapServerISAPI.dll/rest/helloworld I get unknown application 'rest/helloworld' I've tried setting BasePath to '' and '/' - same result. Probably missing something obvious here, but any pointers greatly appreciated. Thanks
  4. RussellW

    BackgroundWorker stopping app closing

    just working through the code. Given that the Data in the WorkItem is WorkItem.Data.AsInterface = TSomeObject.Create; when would you expect the Object, and the WorkItem to be freed? thanks
  5. I have an IOmniBackgroundWork in my application and the application closes normally if I don't use it, but if I add a workitem the app hangs when closing. The Teardown is as per the examples: FBackgroundWorker.CancellAll; Result := FBackgroundWorker.Terminate(5000); FBackgroundWorker := Nil; the result is always False (I have tried varying values for Terminate). The workitems are always an interfaced object and always get to the OnRequestDone method so I can't understand why Terminate returns false.. I have tried setting the interface to Nil and also not setting it to Nil in the OnRequestDone method. I think I'm missing something here. Any ideas? Thanks
  6. RussellW

    WuppdiWP Question

    I'm not sure this is the right forum, but here goes. I use Daniel Wolf's wuppdiWP as my welcome page and I have installed it in 10.3 but have an issue: when I create a new favourite or rename one as soon as I try to enter a name it acts like a search not an edit. It's not critical as I can edit teh ini file, but is annoying. Any ideas? Thanks
  7. RussellW

    Spring4d and Rio

    Yes I could have phrased the question better. I had updated my clone, I do this on a regular basis. I did an update just before I tried the install, where no 10.3 option was displayed. in the end I deleted my clone and created a new one and that worked.
  8. I've just tried installing Spring4D using my clone from the repo and it doesn't give me teh option to install it for Rio. I'm sure I had it installed for the first Rio version. Can anyone confirm whether a later version is available? Thanks
  9. Is there a way to open a folder cross platform (a supra ShellExecute thing) - mainly Win and MacOS - or is a load of IFDEFs needed? I've hunted around and can't see one, but thought I'd check
  10. thanks. Sometimes you are so far into the woods....
  11. I don't normally use the in build Delphi JSON, so how would you best test to see if TJSONVALUE is a TJSONARRAY or TJSONOBJECT?
  12. The FastMM4 raises the error as a call to a memory function after FastMM4 has been unloaded. There is an option in the inc file to not raise that.
  13. I have just tried my app (64Bit, 16 threads) with ScaleMM2 again, and get this exception on the first batch I run, but not on shutdown as the app is still running: exception number : 1 exception class : EInvalidPointer exception message : Invalid pointer operation. main thread ($163c): 0041ecf3 +053 PlustNetProcess.LeakTest2.exe smmLargeMemory 125 +13 TLargeMemThreadManager.FreeMem 013f6c57 +087 PlustNetProcess.LeakTest2.exe DSiWin32 6175 +15 DSiClassWndProc 7ffa03bf +000 user32.dll DispatchMessageW 007d206e +12e PlustNetProcess.LeakTest2.exe Vcl.Forms TApplication.ProcessMessage 007d20e3 +013 PlustNetProcess.LeakTest2.exe Vcl.Forms TApplication.HandleMessage 007d2531 +0e1 PlustNetProcess.LeakTest2.exe Vcl.Forms TApplication.Run 01fb3e27 +147 PlustNetProcess.LeakTest2.exe PlustNetProcess 116 +17 initialization 7ffa0379 +020 KERNEL32.DLL BaseThreadInitThunk 7ffa058f +032 ntdll.dll RtlUserThreadStart I tried IntelTBB (Single allocated thread) and got an AV on closedown as did BrainMM and FastMM. The only one that doesn't is the one that ships with Delphi, which doesn't give me the speed that is needed. Any ideas? I guess I could try a simple threaded app to see if that throws up anything.
  14. Slightly off topic. Using a Date of 0 is fine in certain circumstances but sometimes you might need that actual date rather than meaning that no date is set. Developer Express have a NullDate constant which is -700000 ... very useful
  15. RussellW

    FireMonkey Accessibility Package

    I have added this to Quality Central (or whatever it's called now) https://quality.embarcadero.com/browse/RSP-24082