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  1. "RTC SDK was originally developed by Danijel Tkalčec in 2004, and acquired by Teppi Technology in 2018 . Now, as of May 20th 2022, we announce that ReatlThinClient SDK (a.k.a. RTC SDK) is open source." https://rtc.teppi.net/ https://github.com/teppicom/RealThinClient-SDK
  2. Now listed 11th in the lsit. Is this a good news for Delphier? https://www.tiobe.com/tiobe-index/
  3. wuwuxin

    Developer Express gave up on FMX

    For the "few other FMX grids available" - which one is the best (or better) in terms of performance ? I am looking at woll2woll FirePower X2, TeeGrid for FMX, TMS, and what else?
  4. Thank you for the link. On one hand, string is listed as a reserved work, on the other hand, it also says "System.String" is an alias for "UnicodeString"..........
  5. Really, so it is a reserved word? I had thought it is a Class type, hence it should be "String"
  6. This has been pestering me for a while For the string type, should be it "String", or "string", I saw the Delphi source code mixes the uses. Some third-party code uses "String", while some uses "string".
  7. Any good one (open source or commercial) to recommend? Something that resembles Dephi's object inspector
  8. Delphi RAD Studio 11. Is there a way to increase the Code Editor's line spacing? I use JetBrains Mono fonts, and the lines appear too "squeezing", and it seems the line spacing is too small. Any advice?
  9. Any third-party code formatter that can correctly format the inline var?
  10. @Christophe E. What happened to TECMap? Also - Can TECNativeMap extract OSM data, something like this data extract service at bbbike.org: https://extract.bbbike.org/?
  11. wuwuxin

    FMX 2D drawing

    I would like to use FMX 2D drawing to plot an engineering diagram (with user interactions) - I need advice on where to start. Any good FMX 2D drawing demo, book, or tutorial? Thank you.
  12. @angusi I am very interested in Image32 - forgive my dumb question - is it suitable to be used for developing CAD-like application, or interactive 2D graphics (that is based on user mouse dragging etc)? Thank you
  13. wuwuxin

    HTML-based MVVM

    @sakura Thank you for the heads up. Appreciated.
  14. wuwuxin

    HTML-based MVVM

    Yes. @Stefan Glienke With current prototype, View, ViewModel, and Model have to run within in the same thread - otherwise, the global ObservableStack would be messed up. Is my understanding right? Also currently, the DependencyList field is not of much use, thought it might be used to trace the origin of the Notify call? Any future plan for KnockOff that might be shared here? It is very refreshing code, and I learned a lot from it!
  15. wuwuxin

    HTML-based MVVM

    Is KnockOff thread-safe? I saw it uses a global ObservableStack without thread-protection?