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  1. pietrt

    cross-platform audio editor?

    Take a look at https://github.com/Fr0sT-Brutal/awesome-delphi#audio, it has listed some audio libraries.
  2. pietrt

    FDMemtable bug ?

    I can confirm this, but Left click on the FDMemtable1 object and choose "Fields editor..." again and you will see your fielddefs again. The fielddefs were in the formfile the whole time, but did not show up in the object inspector.
  3. pietrt

    RIO - FDMemTable fielddefs design time bug ?

    It is not only FDMemTable or FieldDefs, I see it regularly. If you select it a second time you have the unique values again.
  4. pietrt

    I'm looking for these menus in the IDE

    You can view differences in the history tab. In the history tab select the differences tab. You can then select show in difference viewer (top of editor) and you get the commands you asked for.