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  1. 😥 I reset the order of palette, then the order can't be back..... In 10.2 , the default order is Standard->Additional->Win32->System->..... but for 10.4, it's Standard->Xml->Live bindings->Live bindings Misc->.....
  2. In my prior snapshot, it's already the default order 😂, the reset palette function works
  3. Radstudio 10.3 and later need NET 4.5, but XP do not support 4.5, so....
  4. Thanks, it's also in new order on OPTIONS, just curious why EMB changed it, reorder them manually is a disaster.....
  5. djhfwk

    Where is BrandingAPI

    VCLEditors include "BrandingAPI", but nowhere to found BrandingAPI. - -! Does anyone found it? thank you
  6. djhfwk

    How to remove default DLL exports Delphi Rio

    not only dll but also exe have these exports. if you have source, modify the source and use BuildRTLGroup to rebuild the source, no source, use the tool to remove the exports.