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  1. PeterEvansOz

    Java Updated License Terms and Delphi

    Georgge, Thank you for providing that link. On my reading of the page it is only OpenJDK which is free for commercial organisations. According to the above graphic 'Java Setup' it must be the non-free version which Delphi is installing.
  2. PeterEvansOz

    ActivityDialog on Android

    FGX has not been released yet. It is in Beta test I believe. Do you mean FMX?
  3. PeterEvansOz

    is FGX native still around?

    It has been a long wait for this product. The first Beta was to appear in December 2017. The Beta was then delayed to early 2019 (?). On Telegram - see 'Delphi FGX Native (Eng)' the last post was 5 June 2018. Perhaps there are other communication channels that I am not aware of? Hopefully the Beta will come out in the European summer.
  4. PeterEvansOz


    If you go to the 5th Menu. On that page is the phrase "Download English docs". Click on that link to download a RAR file which can be unpacked. Unfortunately there is no overview document in English that I could find.
  5. PeterEvansOz

    Running UnitTests for Mobile Devices

    Thank you for the update Roger.
  6. PeterEvansOz

    Running UnitTests for Mobile Devices

    I am pleased that you got it working on Android. It would be good if you communicated the changes required for Max OS X to Roger Connell so that he can update his code.
  7. PeterEvansOz

    Running UnitTests for Mobile Devices

    There is a different approach. I like the approach of DUnit running on Windows under VCL. How can you get the Green Light paradigm working on FMX? Well, Roger Connell has done the port to FMX. See http://docs.innovasolutions.com.au/Docs/ADUGDelphi/ADUGDecember2014.html This approach was presented to ADUG in December 2014. I have used it successfully on Android under FMX. It works very well.