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  1. MartinPe

    Android 11 Support in 10.4.2?

    I am new with Android. With Delphi 11. It install sdk 25. Do I have to install another sdk to be able to use api 30?
  2. I have installed all 3 new patches from Getit for Delphi 10.4.2. Seems everything is installed successfully. But I do not see the Installed button on the items. So each time I load Delphi, I see the mention that there are new patches.
  3. MartinPe

    Error insight in Rio

    Sadly, it's still broken in 10.3.1
  4. MartinPe

    Third party AV with Delphi

    Hello, Does anyone had any issues with a paid antivirus software with Delphi? I am looking at some options. From av-comparatives.org, I see that Bitdefender and Karspersky and Eset are very good contender. But looking from some posts online, seems that Bitdefender is quite aggressive and wonder if it would interfere with working with Delphi. Any had any trouble with Bitdefender? Or should I stick with Windows Defender? Martin