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  1. Janex72

    Audio via TCP/IP

    Hi all. I need to send audio from microphone to another computer by TCP/IP and play there with delay less than 100 ms. Most components what I find create buffer of some seconds audio, it's not good for me 😞 Any ideas about good components for this? WBR Janex
  2. Janex72

    Sending SMS via FMX application

    I'm informed about this link in StackOverflow, but unfortunately via SharedActivity.GetContentResolver we have not field report_date 😞 WBR Janex
  3. Janex72

    Sending SMS via FMX application

    Hi all. I'm sending SMS to my phone number from my application in this way: Procedure _SendSMS (Target, Messagestr :String); Var smsManager :JSmsManager; smsTo :JString; begin smsManager := TJSmsManager.JavaClass.getDefault; smsTo := StringToJString(target); smsManager.sendTextMessage(smsTo, Nil, StringToJString(messagestr), Nil, Nil); End; SMS sent ok and returned ok to, now I look in content://sms/sent Uri := StrToJURI('content://sms/sent'); Cursor := SharedActivity.GetContentResolver.query(Uri, Nil, Nil, Nil, Nil); Date_SentIdx := Cursor.GetColumnIndex(StringToJstring('date_sent')); StatusIdx := Cursor.GetColumnIndex(StringToJstring('status')); While (Cursor.MoveToNext) Do Begin Date_Sent := JStringToString(Cursor.getString(Date_SentIdx )); Status := Cursor.getInt(StatusIdx); End; and there I have a big problem - field date_sent always is empty :( If I send SMS to non-existent number the field status always is -1. If I send the same SMS via standart Phone SMS application all is ok - field date_sent is not empty and field status contain error code (if I send to non-existent number) Android 7.0 Delphi 10.4.2 Android API Level 24 Any idea how to send SMS from my application and get filled fields date_sent and status ? WBR Janex
  4. Janex72

    Delphi for ARM

    Hi all. Has anyone heard when the new Roadmap comes out? I'm very interested in Linux ARM compiler for Raspberry Pi4 WBR Janex