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  1. Codehunter

    Feature Request for String Paste As

    Thanks! This is exactly what I want. But a little confusing. Maybe the Convert Strings expert can supercede the String Paste as expert because the last is a subset of the first.
  2. Codehunter

    Feature Request for String Paste As

    This was not meant as critic 🙂 As you can see at the left, I'm not so often here... Mostly in the german DP
  3. Codehunter

    Feature Request for String Paste As

    But your snippet seems to be like pseudocode, its not Delphi/Pascal 🙂 I'm used such constructs in PHP and let the DBMS strip all unneeded stuff. But Delphi/Pascal doesnt support multiline strings like in your snippet. The resulting SQL Statement should be: SELECT * FROM myTable WHERE myCol=1 ORDER BY id DESC Oh yeah, lets remove all the stuff from GExperts which exists in other Tools 😉 The Apple Way: Nothing can exist in our Appstore that is already offered by us. 🤬 IMHO the best way is a competition between the best ideas. I know that other IDE experts have similar or better implementations but why not improve GExperts? Sometimes the others are unstable or unusable in some situations. Esp. CnPack is very tricky in the Editor Experts, therefore I have completely disabled this part.
  4. Codehunter

    Feature Request for String Paste As

    Hello! Would be nice to have an type "%s +" in the PasteAs options for SQL statements. There is not neccessary to include any linebreak in the string itself, only in the Pascal source. LSQL := 'SELECT * ' + 'FROM myTable ' + 'WHERE myCol=1 ' + 'ORDER BY id DESC'; Please note the space prior to the closing quotemark in each line. Greetz Cody