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  1. vedat

    Foreground service

    But I want to show music menu notification bar even if the app was closed. Won't the music menu bar closed once you close your app if you don't use something that runs on background ?
  2. vedat

    Foreground service

    Well, if you look at the link https://developer.android.com/guide/components/foreground-services it says : "Examples of apps that would use foreground services include the following: A music player app that plays music in a foreground service. The notification might show the current song that is being played." As I understand from this document, the notification of the current song can be played/paused or you can switched to next song through that notification bar. Notification bar stays there until the service closes down. Btw thank you for your care
  3. vedat

    Foreground service

    Thank you for reply, here is the link https://developer.android.com/guide/components/foreground-services
  4. vedat

    Foreground service

    Hello, I want to develop a music player app on fmx. As I understand from the research I must use foreground service to make a persistent menu on the status bar for next/play/pause musics. Do you have any document or source code that explains the usage of foreground service ? Thanks in advance
  5. vedat

    Fmx Android Service Segmentation Fault (11)

    Thank you for your help okoca I got it
  6. vedat

    Fmx Android Service Segmentation Fault (11)

    Thank you for your answer Dave Nottage. Actually I didn't consider such a solution like that 🙂 When I tried to add timer component into the Unit2 which is service's unit it adds FMX.Types library automatically. Once it's been added you can't delete until you remove the timer component. I've missed to remove that FMX.Types while creating a demo. It comes from my original app, I copied all the uses section from it. Anyway, your beautiful attention solved the problem 🙂 If you do not mind can you give an advice about how to use something like timer in my service because I am doing some tasks related to time
  7. vedat

    Fmx Android Service Segmentation Fault (11)

    Thanks for reply. I'm using delphi 11, here is the link for demo : https://www.dropbox.com/s/qs1hoa92nx5hdsx/DemoTest.rar
  8. Hello, I've tried to use fmx android service for my app. In the service I just use a simple notification that notify user as soon as the service started. When I start the service in my main app the program crashes when deploying to an android device. If I remove the line which I call the service in the main app it works properly in the android device. But once I try to call the service in the main app it just crashes. In the debug mode it gives Segmentation Fault (11) error but nothing. I know there is no problem with the notification process in the service because even when I remove the codes about notification from the service it stills crashes. (Btw I use Rad Studio 11) I would be grateful if get your help.