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  1. Hey all I have a treeview without a border and with a transparent background in my stylebook. At design time the style shows correctly with the style lookup set - but at runtime the treeview shows the normal unstyled tree. Any ideas why this may be occurring? To make matters stranger, the tree has styled items inside it which are working correctly when styled at runtime (I assign the style lookup programmatically).
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    Broken style resources

    Hi all, I'm developing an app for MacOS using Delphi 10.4. Things have been going fine until today when I tried to edit the default style for a TTreeView. When I select that option (and this is also true when I try editing the custom style) I get an error: "Cannot find style resource for ." - this leads to exceptions in the Delphi IDE and I need to restart. When I try to edit a label's custom style I can do so no problem. This is also true with my stylebook style that I am using on a frame that I embed on the main form. Any ideas? Thanks!