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  1. Shrinavat

    Allow tabs to use custom colors

    Oh, now it's clear. We can't manually set the color of the tabs. How quaint.
  2. Shrinavat

    Allow tabs to use custom colors

    Maybe the 'Allow tabs to use custom colors' option is like the Force in Star Wars - a mystical power that only a few chosen ones can truly understand and control. May the colors be with you, young Padawan. ✨ ...on a more serious note, has anyone cracked the code on how to actually use this mysterious option? Does anyone actually know how to change the tab colors?
  3. What is the purpose of this feature? How can I change the color of the tab in the code editor? I am unable to find an option to modify the color in the tab settings.
  4. Shrinavat

    The GetIt server is back online - With the 12.0 Patch 1

  5. Shrinavat

    Delphi 12 Component Palette Panel Shift Issue

    Yes, I have different Desktops. *.DST files do not have component palette properties. Deleting both your own Desktops and the default ones did not affect the offset position of the component palette :-(
  6. Shrinavat

    Delphi 12 Component Palette Panel Shift Issue

    Uninstalling CnPack had no effect, the panel appeared to be offset as well.
  7. Upon each launch of IDE, the Component Palette panel consistently shifts to the right by a specific distance. This behavior requires me to manually drag the panel back to its original position on the left side every time I start Delphi 12. Additionally, I have observed that the "Lock Controls" icon from the "View" toolbar disappears. I have manually added this icon to the toolbar, but it vanishes. It reappears only after selecting the same action through the "Edit|Lock Controls" menu. I have attached a screenshot illustrating the issue. I would like to inquire if there is a solution or workaround to address this problem. Is there a way to lock or fix the position of the Component Palette panel, so it remains in place across Delphi 12 sessions? Additionally, I am curious about where the configuration data for the panel's position is stored. Does Delphi 12 save this information in the registry, a configuration file, or elsewhere?
  8. Shrinavat

    Advise the component for editing tables

    Steema TeeGrid The grid component for Delphi VCL & FMX offers a very fast grid for your RAD Studio projects
  9. I've found the source of the problem. It turned out to be third-party components - ESBPCS for VCL. If they are disabled, then the problem disappears. As @balabuev rightly pointed out, here's what's to blame: "Non-standard property editors are installed. More technically, this happens when a property editor implements the ICustomPropertyDrawing interface but does not implement the more recently introduced ICustomPropertyDrawing80 interface." The developer of these components has already been notified.
  10. Shrinavat

    Object Inspector issue in 10.4.2??

    @maloboDid you find a solution? I have the same issue
  11. Hmmm... a similar problem is described here But there is no solution how to fix it.
  12. I'm encountering a problem with the color names in freshly installed Delphi 12, and this issue also existed in Delphi 11.x. The problem is observed as a text "overlay" in any Object Inspector field related to color, as illustrated in the attached animation. It seems to occur regardless of whether any experts or updates are installed. How can I address this issue?
  13. Shrinavat

    Delphi 12 and *.dsv

    I recently installed RAD Studio 12 Pro with Delphi. Now a ProjectName.dsv file is being created in the project folder. What is this, and how can I disable the creation of this file? Here's what its contents look like for example: [ClosedView_RDpcRGVscGhpX3Byb2plY3RzXENhbGxDZW50ZXJcQ2FsbENlbnRlci5kcHI=] Module=D:\Delphi_projects\CallCenter\CallCenter.dpr CursorX=1 CursorY=18 TopLine=1 LeftCol=1 Elisions= Bookmarks= EditViewName=D:\Delphi_projects\CallCenter\CallCenter.dpr [ClosedView_RDpcRGVscGhpX3Byb2plY3RzXENhbGxDZW50ZXJcX3VuaXRzXGZyYW1lc1xmclJlcG9ydF9UcmFu c2ZlcnJlZFRvQW5vdGhlckRlcGFydG1lbnQucGFz] Module=D:\Delphi_projects\CallCenter\_units\frames\frReport_TransferredToAnotherDepartment.pas CursorX=1 CursorY=1 TopLine=1 LeftCol=1 Elisions= Bookmarks= EditViewName= [ClosedView_RDpcRGVscGhpX3Byb2plY3RzXENhbGxDZW50ZXJcX3VuaXRzXGZvcm1zXGZybVJlZmVyZW5jZS5w YXM=] ...
  14. Shrinavat

    .exe File not outputting

    @Remy Lebeau Could you please explain what is the point of using UniqueString (sCommand)?
  15. Shrinavat

    Delphi 11.3 is available now!

    Yes, I also turned off this feature because of the spontaneous jumps of the text. It's very annoying. Is there any RSP about this?