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    Windows installer: best practices ?

    Thank you for your input @Sherlock I'm successfully using InnoSetup too. I wouldn't update this installer if it wasn't for bug reports mentioning an error during installation saying that the "My Documents" folder doesn't exist. I learned that administrators can disable this folder. As I obviously need to spend some time on the installer to fix this problem, I'm simply wondering if there is any best practice document from Microsoft somewhere that I haven't found yet.
  2. Hi, I'm in the process of modernizing my application's installation procedure and I'm wondering if there is any official and up-to-date documentation about best practices for installers on recent versions of Windows ? For example, it looks like "My Documents" should never be used to place sample per-user data (as it is sometimes disabled by system administrators) but replaced by "AppData\Roaming". But do I still need administrator's privileges to install the application in "Program Files" or is it not considered best practice anymore ? I admit that I created the installer a long time ago (Windows XP era) and didn't proceed to any major update since then. Any recommendation would be greatly appreciated. Best regards, John.