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  1. CoeurdeLeon

    Upgrading EurekaLog for Delphi 12

    Good idea, but I do have it on the Library Path.
  2. CoeurdeLeon

    Upgrading EurekaLog for Delphi 12

    I purchased "EurekaLog_7.11.0.1_Enterprise_for_RAD_Studio" with source code on January 21, 2021. The subscription ran out a year later. Since I purchased source code I decided to upgade EurekaLog so it would work with Rad Studio 12 Athens. To do this: I copied the Studio28 folder in the projects directory to Studio29. In the *.dpk and *.dproj files I replaced 28 with 29. In the "\Neos Eureka S.r.l\EurekaLog 7\Source\Common" directory I modified "ElDefines.inc" to add Delphi 12. With these changes "EurekaLogGroup.groupproj" successfully compiles and in the packages directory a new folder appears "Studio29". This folder is filled with the 290 bpl files and other files. When I try to install the packages I get the following message: "Can't load package E:\Installs\Studio29\EurekaLogExpert290.bpl. The specified module could not be found." The bpl's are there. What is the problem? Richard Maley
  3. CoeurdeLeon

    Change Install Location

    Thank you I missed the Options button. Dick Maley
  4. CoeurdeLeon

    Change Install Location

    I am currently installing Rad Studio 11. I do not want to install it on the c drive. I could not find any way to change the location. I installed using the *.iso file. Is there a way to change the location? Dick Maley
  5. Edwin This is very god. Thank you. Dick Maley
  6. CoeurdeLeon

    Code formatting in Delphi 12

    Delphi 11 stores the Formatter configuration files in C:\Users\?\AppData\Roaming\Embarcadero\BDS\22.0. I copied my Delph 11 formatter.config file to C:\Users\?\AppData\Roaming\Embarcadero\BDS\23.0. It worked.
  7. CoeurdeLeon

    Code formatting in Delphi 12

    My installation of Rad Studio 12 does have "Formatter.exe" in the bin directory. I added this to the tools menu and ran it against some Rad Studio 12 code. It worked fine, I am confident that the new long strings feature would not format correctly, but I am not sure. Can anyone tell me where the formatting configuration is stored in Rad Studio 11 so I can migrate it to Rad Studio 12? Thank you.
  8. CoeurdeLeon

    TGifImage TransparentColor

    Anders Thank you for your answer and for your many years of supporting the Delphi community. I was not aware of your blog. It is a treasure of information related to TGifImage. I have added it to my list of standard reference sources. Thank you. Dick Maley
  9. CoeurdeLeon

    TGifImage TransparentColor

    How do I set the TransparentColor for a TGifImage? Thank you. Dick Maley
  10. I am very interested. Email me at dickmaley@advdelphisys.com.
  11. CoeurdeLeon

    Delphi job

    The job description can be found here. https://ncr.wd1.myworkdayjobs.com/en-US/ext_us/details/Software-Engineer-III_R0127327-3?q=delphi I applied about a month ago and have heard nothing. I would welcome a coding test. Where have all the Delphi jobs gone? Dick Maley
  12. CoeurdeLeon

    Anyone know why?

    The position in Frederick, Maryland is about 20 miles from my house. For the last 4 years this company has been advertising remote Delphi Developer positions working for the Legal & General America Headquarters located at 3275 Bennett Creek Ave in Frederick, MD 21704, United States. Many days I would receive 6 calls a day from different headhunters looking to fill this position. Frequently the connection is very bad (voip) and the indian accent is very difficult to understand. I have interviewed with one of the vendors trying to fill the position, Diverse Lynx. Eventually, I cut off all communications with this company because they appeared to be human traffickers and completely untrustworthy. I am a grey beard as was mentioned in one of the earlier posts. I could do the job with very little effort. Something is very fishy about this position in Frederick, MD. They are looking to fill the position for $50/hour. Dick Maley
  13. CoeurdeLeon

    Updated XMLMapper

    I fear the error is mine. The Beta package is 28.0.47741.2595 Launching XMLMapper from the tools menu and examining its about window I get The versions match. I was expecting to see the new filters on the left side. These are displayed when the schema view is selected. Miquel and Lars, thank you for your help. Dick Maley
  14. CoeurdeLeon

    Updated XMLMapper

    Miguel I have done just as you said And when I launch XMLMapper from the tools menu I get Is the new XMLMapper found someplace else? Dick Maley