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  1. This message box is a mess given no usefull information why the bpl cannot be installed. @Dave Millington (personal) please extend it
  2. they did not do any auto bump - cant register for today. This was the last try.
  3. There is no reply. I`m waiting 3 weeks for now. Tried to activate the software one day ago - nothing Atanas do not know how to reply or he doesnt want. There is only one option uninstall and get the money back. I`m afraid that such politics will be a nail in the coffin for emb. Hope that commercial component vendors will invest in lazarus if only lmd (specially docking pack) would make a lazarus version and some of the devexpress like bars i would never look back. In the meantime c# for me is the way go without any crippled drm.
  4. Since I cannot use once buyed product - can emb give me the money back? @David Millington I dont know what industry standards you have but its crap and not industry standard --- Hello ?ukasz, We received your request to increase the registration limit for your serial number -----. Unfortunately, there is not an active support and maintenance agreement for this license. Licenses without active maintenance are not eligible for technical support and this includes increasing the registration limit for your license. Historically, we provided limited support for activities such as changing registration limits as a courtesy. However, this courtesy required time and resources to support. As we now include maintenance with every new license and encourage customers to remain current on maintenance, we changed our support policy to align with industry standards. Going forward any support services requested will only be provided for licenses with active support and maintenance. I have copied the renewals team in this email response (renewals@idera.com). Your renewals representative will be able to provide you with the options to renew your support and maintenance. Once your licenses are current on maintenance, we will be happy to help with this registration limit increase. We are closing this case #00694973. Once you have arranged maintenance reinstatement with our Renewals Team, please submit a new case with your request. Sincerely, Rosalba Chavez Technical Support Engineer
  5. Last weekend was a perfect situation on not being able to do anything in the case of registration - data center was down. - Registration limit for the community edition is a joke. I personally won`t invest any more in delphi or anything from buggy emb.