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  1. Arsl01

    Mapview mark rotation problem

    Hello, I simply want to change the rotate feature of the mark I added on the map, while it does this on the android part, it does not react on the ios part. How can I change the direction of a mark in ios. var MyMarker: TMapMarkerDescriptor; degree:integer; begin MyMarker := TMapMarkerDescriptor.Create(Position, 'Here'); MyMarker.Icon := ImageList2.Bitmap(TSizeF.Create(64, 64), 10); Derece:= degreecal(); MyMarker.Rotation := degree; MyMarker.Draggable := false; MyMarker.Visible := true; MyMarker.Title := title; MyMarker.Snippet := '(' + Position.Latitude.ToString + ' - ' + Position.Longitude.ToString + ')'; loc := MapView1.AddMarker(MyMarker); FMarkersboat.add(loc); end;
  2. Arsl01

    App Store invalid binary error

    ohh, thank you :)v
  3. Arsl01

    App Store invalid binary error

    ITMS-90793: Missing fonts - The com.apple.developer.user-fonts entitlement is present with the system-installation value, yet no fonts were detected in the app. Please remove the system-installation entitlement value or make sure to include your fonts and resubmit.
  4. Arsl01

    App Store invalid binary error

    Hello I get such an error message when I upload my project to the App Store. What I did for the solution, *I checked the build number and version number. * Renewed certificates. xcode13(+mosco) Image
  5. Arsl01

    Deploy Delphi 11 iOS 15 XCode 13

    I solved the problem, it's my fault, I made the wrong certificate settings, sorry
  6. Arsl01

    Deploy Delphi 11 iOS 15 XCode 13

    Hello again, the full error message is as follows Mosco 1.2.1 2021.12.06 22:33:06.065 Server is now: Active on Port: 8088 2021.12.06 22:33:06.065 Local addresses (may or may not be bound to any or all): 2021.12.06 22:33:06.065 2021.12.06 22:34:42.415 Executing: /usr/bin/xcodebuild -exportArchive -archivePath "/Users/macuser/PAServer/scratch-dir/muharrem-sanalmac/NorthPLus.archive" -exportPath "/Users/macuser/PAServer/scratch-dir/muharrem-sanalmac" -exportOptionsPlist "/Users/macuser/PAServer/scratch-dir/muharrem-sanalmac/NorthPLus.archive/exportOptions.plist" 2021.12.06 22:34:48.060 Export Archive failed with exit code: 70 - ** EXPORT FAILED **
  7. Arsl01

    Deploy Delphi 11 iOS 15 XCode 13

    Hello, I'm new to the forum, I installed mosco and it was working fine at first, now I'm getting an error, why? It gives an error after saying build ipa. Thanks 🙂 IMAGE-1 IMAGE-2