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  1. Virgo

    simple SFTP-like server for Windows?

    sftp means usually ssh builtin file transsefer server. Ftp over TLS/SSL is ftps. I actually had not heard about simple ftp.
  2. Virgo

    progress bar issue

    It's not, that I made sense of it... I just did not notice any other strings mentioning progress... Although I missed that Form7 part....
  3. Virgo

    progress bar issue

    There does not appear to be anything about progressbar in all this code... Unless ProgressRunning and StopProgress variables have something to do with it.
  4. Virgo

    simple SFTP-like server for Windows?

    What version of Windows? Windows 10 OpenSSH server has sftp server.
  5. Virgo

    Which version BDE

    Expect.... That requires BDE for some Paradox features anyway. From what I recall Paradox version 7 tables were one of those things.
  6. Virgo

    Which version BDE

    This is the message Windows 10 shows, when launching dbd32.exe of Database Desktop. Even for Delphi 5 version of Database Desktop. I have no idea, why it is about Delphi 7. But in the end Database Desktop will close without showing main window.
  7. Virgo

    Which version BDE

    No, I meant: When clicking "Run the program..." nothing happens. Those directory messages are nothing Windows 10 specific and those where set long time ago, when it still Worked on Windows 10. Just for testing I removed that configuration from registry. Then it shows the splash, shows those messages about using temporary directory and then closes.
  8. Virgo

    Which version BDE

    Not that I know of. It was one of big updates, that broke it. For our internal use we made our own replacement with functionality, that we required...
  9. Virgo

    Which version BDE

    Absolutely. What I meant was, that BDE version should be able to work while FireDAC version is written. We have not even set configuration file location to user writable location, because all required changes to BDE configuration is done via elevated BDE configuration utility.
  10. Virgo

    Which version BDE

    Since that rewriting is going to take some time, what are actual issues? What does having trouble mean? BDE using program written in Delphi 5 works on Windows 10 and Windows 11. Only actual issue is, that sometimes SHAREDMEMLOCATION needs to be changed in BDE configuration after computer restart. Otherwise it works sames as Windows 7.
  11. Virgo

    php's password_verify in Delphi?

    Particular hash is bcrypt. https://github.com/JackTrapper/bcrypt-for-delphi supports it. But it is not universal, because it does not support other algorithms supported by password_hash.
  12. Virgo

    Firebird 4.0 Unknown sql type err.

    You could also check server version on connect and execute SET BIND OF TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE TO LEGACY; SET BIND OF TIME WITH TIME ZONE TO LEGACY; SET BIND OF DECFLOAT TO LEGACY; SET BIND OF NUMERIC(38) TO LEGACY; That way program works with FirebirdSQL 4.0 without changing server config. Of cause you must not use new unsupported data types in that database. But that solves problems with automatic type conversions and use of new types in system tables.
  13. That is really old version. And that is old deprecated version of TLS. Anything before TLS 1.2 is deprecated.
  14. Virgo

    splitting interface + implementation

    FPC does things like that with include files, if different platforms have sufficiently different implementations.
  15. Virgo

    Delphi compatibility with Windows 11?

    Except in case of most newer PC's, that do not have separate TPM chip and instead implement TPM in firmware. And where firmware update may reset TPM.