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  1. PeterBelow

    Disable the Jedi property editors?

    You have to modify the design-time package that registers the property editor and rebuild it. Or just disable the package if you do not use any of the controls from it.
  2. PeterBelow

    Maintaining For loop(s)

    Instead of Projects: TArray<TProject> use a list class: type TProjectList = class(TList<TProject>) end; Add public methods to the class that implement your current for loops. This way you have all this code centralized in one place, which should massively simplify the maintenance. And while you're at it: convert the record into a class. Lists of records are a bit inefficient since accessing the items in the list involves a lot of copying of data. You can then use a TObjectlist<TProject> as base class for your TProjectlist and let the list manage the memory of the TProject objects you add to it (OwnsObjects parameter for the list constructor set to true, which is the default).
  3. PeterBelow

    Where is BrandingAPI

    The source for the units that are actually compiled into the IDE packages is not available. You only have what is needed to write IDE extensions using the OpenTools API, and even that is not always complete. It may contain references to other classes or routines available through one of the IDE packages, though, but usually you are not meant to use them in your extensions.