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  1. that is how network does it's job. causes of this, this address is called 'broadcast address. you can simply ignore it if you does need it. the other way, do not use tcp/ip network protocol at all. just develop your own protocol so it can work precisely like what you want.
  2. this list is a nonsense stuff and has nothing todo with Delphi.
  3. irawan

    Delphi 5 Printing

    it is very funny that blaming Delphi for bugs on printer driver (usually this is the source of trouble) will solve this problem. the most reliable way to solve this problem is to communicate with printer driver author. explain your problem and send them your most simple program that show where the problem is. however reaching the author is not as easy at all.
  4. irawan

    Nevrona Rave Reports

    every thing goes well here.
  5. irawan

    SynEdit just got a major uplift

    formatting such a huge line is huge job.
  6. irawan

    Syntax error in From clause

    for primary key DO NOT use char or varchar. better is use integer or bigint. if you insist to use char or varchar, all what you will get is database performance become slower and slower. some times depend on your application, there is a requirement that some field have to unique. for in this requirement, you should use unique index. ideally every table have its own primary key. do not mix business requirement and database requirement best regard
  7. irawan

    Firebird 3 Client Installation

    it is looks weird to have many firebirdbird files in your app folder. then you can use enigma virtual box to put all firebirdsql files in your app. i often do this and no problem found with my anti virus (AVG) so far.
  8. without any code, it is very difficult to help. choosing udp as protocol has it's own consequency, ready to handle packet loss.
  9. irawan

    Indy Documentation Problem

    Indy is a big big library. hoping that everything is works well and everything updated according to its standard also a hug job. it is nice if we collect every simple and working examples in one place. in order not got confused (there many Indy version, also many Delphi version) it is very important to write down which Indy version is used AND which Delphi version used to compile AND which OS is used. OS also important cause OS can doing same job differently. so lets start collect our simple working examples.
  10. the good engine develop in pascal as far as i know is Critter. today it is hard to beat Stockfish, maybe coz ih has many many developers work on it. usually chess engine is developed in C / C++. start from a few years ago, engine with Neural Network become more popular. AlphaZero, LeelaZero, Komodo NNUE and many more.
  11. irawan


    select <field list> from aTable where aField in (a1,a2,a3,a4) works well on my laptop. aField is integer column, a1 .. an = integer value. WI-V2.5.9.27139 Firebird 2.5